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WSSI version 5.13. An excellent floppy/hard disk catalogger. File 2 of 2.
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WSSI version 5.13. An excellent floppy/hard disk catalogger. File 2 of 2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOWSCREN.DEF 1864 739 deflated
BUGLIST.DOC 45880 13241 deflated
CANON.DEF 2383 981 deflated
CGA.CNF 230 115 deflated
CUTPAST3.DOC 4992 1663 deflated
DOSCALLS.CNF 230 106 deflated
GENEPSON.DEF 2199 894 deflated
HPLJET.DEF 2595 929 deflated
HPLJETII.DEF 2037 796 deflated
LATEST.VER 113 88 deflated
LQ850.DEF 1845 763 deflated
MDA.CNF 230 112 deflated
OKIM192.DEF 2187 884 deflated
PRNDEF.DOC 2465 914 deflated
README.DOC 2934 1255 deflated
SCREEN.DEF 1775 696 deflated
SITELIC.DOC 2637 1053 deflated
STARNP10.DEF 2028 822 deflated
STLV1210.DEF 1908 785 deflated
STNX1000.DEF 1946 823 deflated
TI855.DEF 2006 825 deflated
TSH321SL.DEF 2716 1086 deflated
TSHP321.DEF 2176 892 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 1049 489 deflated
WSSI513.DOC 264635 69770 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

WSSINDEX is a program for indexing a collection of disks. Com-
plete documentation (about 80 pages long) for all programs in the
package is found in file WSSI513.DOC. The public domain program
CUTPAST3.COM which is also supplied has its own documentation in
file CUTPAST3.DOC. Users upgrading from previous versions should
look at the file BUGLIST.DOC to see what's been added or fixed.

After extraction from the distribution disk(s), any files with
extension DOC (and any others except COM, EXE, WP, DEF and CNF
files) are documentation files. You can view them in several
ways using DOS commands:

1. PRINT filename (output goes to printer)
2. TYPE filename (output appears on screen, probably
too fast to read)
3. TYPE filename | MORE (output to screen, pausing when
screen fills)
4. TYPE filename >PRN (output goes to printer)

The distributed documentation files are created from Word Perfect
5.1 originals by printing to disk with the "standard printer"
driver. The resulting files are formatted for 66 lines per page,
including top and bottom margins. Other formats can be supplied
on request. Registered users receive a copy of the original Word
Perfect documentation file in addition to the formatted file.

If you don't have continuous form paper in your printer, or if
you just want to read the documentation on screen, you can load
the files into your favorite word processing program. If you use
a word processor to print the DOC files, you will probably want
to tell it not to insert blanks at the beginning of each line
since this has already been done, and you may need to adjust your
margins. Vernon Buerg's LIST, or PC Magazine's BROWSE program
are also convenient for viewing the DOC files on screen because
they let you rapidly move forward and backward through a file.

If you see garbage characters on the screen (arrows, ['s and
numbers) when you try to run the program, or if you don't see
boxes around the menus, you should read about configuring to use
direct video writes in the Overview and Tutorial chapter, or
about ANSI.SYS in Appendix A.

On a floppy disk system, a working disk should contain at least
WSSI513.EXE (probably renamed to WSSINDEX.EXE), a configuration
file, a printer definition file and any utility routines you
expect to need.

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