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WhatRuns! version 1.10 - Lists executable files in directory.
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WhatRuns! version 1.10 – Lists executable files in directory.
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Contents of the WR.DOC file

WhatRuns! is a simple little SHAREWARE program that will list all of the COM,
EXE, and BAT files in the current directory. It lists the filename, filesize,
and filedate; and then totals the number of files found. If no files with a
particular extension exists, you will get a "No XXX's found." message.

Sample output from WhatRuns!

WhatRuns! v1.10, Copyright 1990, Tim Berneman
COMMAND COM 37557 12/19/88
DBSTRU COM 7834 04/04/90
WR COM 9200 11/20/90
No EXE's found.
MAKEBIN BAT 110 10/26/89
4 files found.


WhatRuns! v1.1 will accept any combination (make sure you seperate the switches
with a space) of the following switches:
/P or /p - Pages output
/W or /w - Wide display

With your $10 registration you'll get version 2 free. With your registered
copy you will also recieve DBSTRU (displays dBase files at the DOS prompt),
USED (display the total bytes of all the files with a particular filespec),
and CHECK (displays info about your hard drive, like a supercharged chkdsk).

Version 2 of WhatRuns! will look similar to this:
WhatRuns! v2.00 - Tim Berneman

COMfiles --SIZE-- -DATE- EXEfiles --SIZE-- -DATE- BATfiles --SIZE-- -DATE-

COMMAND 37557 121988 MAKEBIN 110 102689
DBSTRU 7834 040490
WR 6496 111690

3 COMMAND files No EXECUTABLE files 1 BATCH file

Future enhancements may also include a 'Point and Shoot' feature where you can
just highlight a file and hit to execute. Any suggestions will also
be appreciated!

This is a SHAREWARE program. You can use and copy the unregistered version of
WhatRuns! as long as you:
(1) Include all of the WhatRuns! files,
(2) don't charge any fee for it, and
(3) destroy all copies of it after a 30-day trial period.

Call me at (515)424-2755 with your suggestions or bugs, or write with your
suggestions, bugs, and/or $10 registration fee to:

Tim Berneman
911 N Van Buren
Mason City, IA 50401

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