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WIDEMENU is an easy to use mouse supported menu. Shareware.
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WIDEMENU is an easy to use mouse supported menu. Shareware.
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Contents of the MENU.TXT file

W I D E M E N U (c)1994, All Rights Reserved
by Computer Stuff
Thomas S. Macioszek
4201 Logangate #302
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Thank you for sampling this version of the Wide Menu. You are
welcome to make as many copies of this program as you would like
and to distribute it to any and all of your friends. To obtain a
registered copy of the Wide Menu please sent a check for $5.00 to
Thomas S. Macioszek
4201 Logangate #302
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Because this is the shareware version, only the first five options
of the menu can be used to run your applications. The registered
version, of course, allows full use of all options.

The WIDE MENU needs to be located in the root directory of your
hard drive. The PATH statement in your autoexec.bat file must
have the root directory included in the search path.

Example: PATH C:\;C:\DOS

also, you will want to add the letter "M" to the last line of
your autoexec.bat file.

Example: ECHO OFF

That's it.

The file WMENU.EXE contains all files necessary to run the
menu. Put WMENU.EXE in your root directory and type WMENU,
then press enter. The files will self-extract.

The menu program assumes you are running on drive "C". If this
is not the case you will want to edit the file M.BAT and change
C: to the drive letter that pertains to your system.

To start the menu simply type "M" at the DOS prompt from any

That's all there is to it. The menu is convenient, easy to use and
provides easy accessability to all programs in your computer.

To choose an option you may use your mouse (if installed) by moving
the mouse and clicking the left mouse button on the option highlighted
or by simply typing the number of the option and pressing enter.

I hope you enjoy this program. If you have any questions or comments
please feel free to mail me a letter at the address above or (if you
are an America On-Line member you may E-Mail me at the screen name

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