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The latest version of Whiz file finder.
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The latest version of Whiz file finder.
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Contents of the WHIZ.DOC file

---- NOTE from NATIONAL SOFTWARE LABS ------------------------------------------
WHIZ is designed to work systems that use PC-DOS. If you are using MS-DOS the
the program may hang your machine. If this happens, restart your computer
and discontinue use of WHIZ.

---- AUTHOR'S DOCUMENTATION ----------------------------------------------------

(C) COPYRIGHT 1986, 1987, 1988 by S.B. Behman, The Whiz-ard; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


WHIZ is the copyrighted property of S.B. Behman. You are granted a
limited license to use WHIZ, and to copy it and distribute it,
provided that the following conditions are met:

1) No fee may be charged for such copying and distribution.

2) WHIZ may ONLY be distributed in its original, unmodified state.
To include WHIZ.EXE anid WHIZREAD.ME.

Any voluntary contributions for the use of this program will be
appreciated, and should be sent to:

S.B. Behman, The Whiz-ard
20581 Ashley Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

You may not use this product in a commercial environment or a
governmental organization without paying a license fee of $10.
Site licenses and commercial distribution licenses are available.

A word about user supported software:

The user supported software concept (usually referred to as freeware)
is an attempt to provide software at low cost. The cost of offering a
new product by conventional means is staggering, and hence dissuades
many independent authors and small companies from developing and
promoting their ideas. User supported software is an attempt to
develop a new marketing channel, where products can be introduced at
low cost.

If user supported software works, then everyone will benefit. The
user will benefit by receiving quality products at low cost, and by
being able to "test drive" software thoroughly before purchasing it.
The author benefits by being able to enter the commercial software
arena without first needing large sources of venture capital.

But it can only work with your support. We're not just talking about
WHIZ here, but about all user supported software. If you find that you
are still using a program after a couple of weeks, then pretty
obviously it is worth something to you, and you should send in a


WHIZ is a very high speed "Whereis". It supports the "*" wildcard
in a better way than does DOS (see the examples below), it
shows all files matching the search argument, including "hidden" and
"system" files.

Use WHIZ by entering: WHIZ [d:]search_arg [/on|/off]

Files whose DOS "Archive" bit is set "on" are shown intensified.

The /on & /off "switches" can be used on the command line to limit
the search to those files whose Archive bit is set "on" or "off"
respectively. The default, absence of switches, includes all files
in the search. So that: "WHIZ C:* /ON" will find all files on drive
C: whose Archive bit is on. This list may be useful in making
"backup" decisions.

If no drive (d:) is specified WHIZ searches all disks (fixed, floppy
and virtual) currently "on-line." Floppy drives with their doors
open are not on-line. All paths on the specified drive(s) are
searched so that NO PATH SPECIFICATION IS PERMITTED. An argument
that does not have a "." has an implicit trailing "*.*".

WHIZ *a* all files with an "a" in the file name

WHIZ *a*. all files with an "a" in the file name and
no extension (all blank extension)

WHIZ a:*.com all files on drive A: with a "com" extension

WHIZ d:*.*?? all files on drive D: whose extension is at least
2 non-blank characters long


Use the "pgup" and "pgdn" keys to review the selected files. The use
of these keys prevents you from "going off the end" to the DOS
prompt. The "space bar" is equivalent to pgdn except that when you
get to the last page it ends WHIZ and returns you to DOS. At any
time "esc" causes an immediate exit.

You may SORT the listed files by Filename, Extension, Date/time and
Size by pressing F2, F3, F4 and F5 respectively. Pressing F1 shows a
help screen with a brief summary of this document.

You may also create a file containing the listed files in one of two
output formats. F9 formats exactly as seen on the screen. F10
causes the output to be formated as one line for each file containing
ONLY the name information in the "DOS" format "d:\path\name.ext".
This latter format could be handy for use in an editor to make a
"bat" file. Size, date and time are omitted from this format to
facilitate editing. These listings will be in the order as seen on
the screen.


Many times it is desireable to look at a set of drives (e.g. "all
floppies" or "all hard disks" or "all disks") for a given file
specification. Occasionally some drives should be avoided (e.g.
"network drives" or some Ramdisks which are not well behaved (the IBM
supplied "VDISK" works just fine, the AST VDISK doesn't!) Providing
for such cases, WHIZ uses the "environment variable" $WHIZ$, if
present, to determine the meaning of the [d:] specification in the
search argument.

If the Environment Variable $WHIZ$ is present, the drive letter
specification in the search argument ([d:]) will be used to "lookup"
the drive (or set of drives) to be searched in the $WHIZ$ environment
variable. The correspondence established in $WHIZ$ will be used to
select the drives to be searched for the desired filename(s) as in the
following example.

$WHIZ$=dce a:a b:b c:c d:d e:e f:ab z:dabce

WHIZ * will find all files on drives D:, C: and E: in
the order all on D:, all on C: then all on E:
because the "dce" following the "=" redefines
the default drive set. Similarly

WHIZ f:* will find all files on drives A: and B:
because "F:" is defined as the set of drives
"A:" and "B:" to WHIZ by the "f:ab "
specification in the $WHIZ$ environment variable

WHIZ *a* all files on D:, C: and E: with an "a" in the

WHIZ f:*.com all files on A: and B: with a "com" extension

"Environment Variables" can be set from the command line and, more
commonly, from your "AUTOEXEC.BAT" file. So that adding a line like:

SET $WHIZ$=dce a:a b:b c:c d:d e:e f:ab z:dabce

to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file will make it available to WHIZ.

NOTE: If you use the $WHIZ$ you MUST define ALL of the drive letters
you will use in it -- only those letters defined in $WHIZ$ will be
searched when $WHIZ$ has been specified.


Whiz works on all IBM PC's and on MOST "COMPATIBLES." Some
compatibles cannot handle the "multitrack" reads issued by WHIZ.

Although WHIZ has been extensively tested it is considered a "work in
progress." User feedback is HEARTILY WELCOMED! Please send any
"bug" reports or suggestions for future enhancements to The Whiz-ard,
20581 Ashley Way, Saratoga, CA 95070. Bugs will be fixed asap and
enhancements will be evaluated for inclusion in future releases.


The use of WHIZ in a commercial environment or government organization
is granted under the following terms:

1. Payment of the license fee must be made to S.B. Behman. The fee
is based on the number of computers which will be used to run
WHIZ, as follows:

1 to 9 copies $10 each
10 to 24 copies $7.50 each
25 to 49 copies $6 each
50 to 99 copies $4.50 each
over 99 copies $400 one time fee

2. You may use WHIZ on the number of computers included in the license
fee. If you have paid the fee for over 99 copies, then you may
use WHIZ on any number of computers within your organization.

3. You may make copies of the program, in its original, unmodified
form, without restriction. You may distribute these copies of
the program without restriction.

4. If these copies are distributed outside of your organization, you
have no obligation to control the use of those copies which are
outside of your organization.

5. You may make copies of the program documentation, in both its
printed form and machine readable form, without restriction.

6. You may use future versions of WHIZ under this license. The latest
version is available from The Whiz-ard for a $5 service charge.

7. You may NOT modify the program or charge a fee for copying or
distributing the program.

8. It is your responsibility to make the necessary copies and to
deliver them to the computers which they will be used on.

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this license.

_____________________________ __________________________
Signature Date

Name (please print or type)




Check which items you wish to purchase:

(_) Noncommercial license for the use of WHIZ.

(_) Commercial license for the use of WHIZ on ___ computers (see
price schedule and terms on preceding page).

(_) Program update subscription service (not more than three
updates, does not include trivial changes), $20/year.

(_) Payment of $_____ is enclosed (check or money order).




______________________ ________ ____________
City State Zip

Send this completed form to:

S.B. Behman
20581 Ashley Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

For program disk orders outside the U.S., please add an additional $5,
and enclose an international money order payable in U.S. currency.

For commercial site license orders, please enclose a signed copy of
the site license agreement.

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