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Where is file program - Checks all hard drives.
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Where is file program – Checks all hard drives.
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Contents of the WHEREIS.DOC file

WhereIs 3.00 Revision 06.07.89 LimeLight Technologies

WhereIs is the Property of Wylie Swanson. All Rights Reserved.


Since I've never been good at documentations, this is will be very,
very, brief. WhereIs will automatically scan your system. (It is
not important how many drives you use, rather it is important how
you designate your search. WhereIs works in the following way. It
searches your system automatically, starting at drive C and working
all the way through drive Z. Any drive that does not exist will be
ignored. WhereIs will record various information from each drive,
and then start the search. You may use wildcards (* and ?), and if
you like, multiple scanning (search for more than one file at any
given moment. If you choose a path, it will use that path on each,
and every drive. If you use a drive designator, it will only use
THAT chosen drive.

I would continue this document but I seem to have a bad case of
rhetna burn. Imagine a zillion driblets of isopropyl pouring
savagely into your eyelids. Its just a wee-bit worse than stubbing
my toe on furniture, but painful all the same.


Everyone is welcome to download the latest version of WhereIs from
LimeLight Technologies. If you are using a Fidonet compatable
system, you may File Request (FREQ) it with simply: WHEREIS.

If you would rather download it online, as a user, you may do so
using LimeLight Technologies: 203 834-0367.


You may NOT use WhereIs in any governmental, institutional, or pay
system unless you register your copy.

You may distribute WhereIs free of charge provided that no charge
is levied. This excludes charges for time online for pay systems.

You may distribute WhereIs for a fee provided that each copy of
WhereIs is pre-registered. Pay systems are exempted from this

A registration fee of $1 is required for each copy of WhereIs that
you use. You may use WhereIs on your system to test it's
suitability for your application. After the determination of
suitability you must register your copy. This test should take no
more than a month. Nobody is excluded from this minimal licensing

Send all registration fees to:

Wylie Swanson
Post Office Box 7483
Wilton, CT 06897

Please include your name, address, voice telephone number, and the
version identification of the copy of WhereIs you are currently
using (ie 3.00/06.07.89).



The author will NOT be responsible for any loss of data, loss of
business, loss of monies, or any other damages resulting from the
use of, or inability to use WHEREIS. By operating this program,
you accept and assume responsibility IN FULL for all occurances
related to you use of this program. In any jurisdiction where such
limitation of liability is restricted or forbidden, this program IS
NOT licensed for legal use.


John Alton: For telling me that I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed some
means of multi-media searching (more than one drive) if I wanted it
to be a worthwhile programming job.

Mind; The Perpetual Intercourse: Supplying me with some worthwhile
music that fits the cause.


Unfortunetly, it seems EVERYTHING has a bug in it. There is no end
to the programmer's bug wars, but you can help! If anything funny
happens, or even not so funny, please do contact me as soon as
possible! I will repair it as immediate as possible.


US Postal: LimeLight Technologies, PO Box 7483, Wilton, CT 06897
Fidonet: 1:141/234.0 LimeLight Technologies US 203 834-0367
CompuServe: 73447,1571 Donation$ are Welcome and Appreciated!

LimeLight Technologies, PO Box 7483, CT 06897 (203) 8340367

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