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Find files on your disk.
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Find files on your disk.
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Contents of the WHEREII.DOC file

Documentation for WHEREII.COM
by Ted Eyrick 11/11/84


WHEREII is an MSDOS 2.xx+ generic utility that searches all directories and
subdirectories for matching file names. This is very useful, and saves
a lot of hair pulling when you know the file is somewhere, or you suspect
duplicate files exist.


Purpose: Searches for specified file(s) through all DOS 2.xx+
directories on the specified drive, listing matching files
with their appropriate directories and sub-directories.

Format: WHEREII [filespec] [filespec] [filespec] ....

Type: External

Filespec: The filespec consists of the drive, filename, and extension
and has the syntax drive:filename.ext
for example A:DECISION.DAT

Drive: The drive: can be omitted if the drive to be
searched is the default drive (the one you were
using when you issued the WHEREII command).

Filename.Ext: The global file characters ? and * can be used
in both the filename and the extension.


The following example illustrates all of the features of the WHEREII

WHEREII *.BAT A:HA??.* b:te*.*

Note: means press the Enter key
Note: Each filespec is separated from the next by a space.

Let us assume that the default drive is C. Then this example first searches
all of the directories and subdirectories of drive C for all files which
have the extension .BAT. When this search is completed then drive A is
searched for all files which have four characters in the filename and
the first two characters are HA. Then finally drive B is searched for
all files whose first two characters are TE.

If there are more than 23 *.BAT files found in the first search the
screen will prompt you for More? . Pressing the N key will end the
search or pressing any other key will continue the search.


This is the latest version of the WHERE, WHEREIS, WHEREIR series.
The original version of this series was published in Softalk, January,
1984, p. 101. The original author is unknown. If you have questions
suggestions or problems please write the author of this version:
Ted Eyrick
Eytek, Inc.
P.O. Box 160307
San Antonio, Texas 78280


Using the command

WHEREII A:filename.ext

along with the program NDOSEDIT permits rapid searching of diskettes
in drive A for the location of any filename.ext . Pressing the Up Arrow
key of the numeric keypad causes the NDOSEDIT program to repeat the
command for another diskette.

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