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Exploding Window Displays Directory.
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Exploding Window Displays Directory.
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Contents of the WDIR.DOC file

WDIR.EXE - A windowed directory display
Version 2 (what, already?)
(C) 1986 Ravi Bhavnani

WDIR is a directory display utility that lets you view the contents of a
directory without having to lose what's already on your screen.

usage: WDIR [ filespec ]

When WDIR is invoked, it will throw the directory on the upper middle portion
of your screen. If the display is too large or covers up an important area on
the screen, press F2 to change the size and position of the display. Sorry,
WDIR will not remember its size or position from an earlier invocation. Not
until version 3, anyway!

Some last few words:

WDIR is available for free for the asking. You are encouraged to copy and
give unmodified versions of this disk to your friends. However, note that
this software enjoys all the privileges and support of the law offered by a
registered copyright. You are not allowed to sell or distribute this software
in any form, original or modified, for profit.

If you find WDIR useful, a contribution towards its creation and the creation
of other such shareware will be appreciated. If your generosity permits, send
five dollars by check or money order to:

Ravi Bhavnani
226 Christie Street #2
Ridgefield Park
NJ 07660-2019

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