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Displays all on-line hard drives, optionally with their capacity.
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Displays all on-line hard drives, optionally with their capacity.
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Association of
. Professionals


This utility will display either all hard drives on-line or all drives with
their capacity. It has been tested for compatibility with DOS 3.1 thru 5.0,
and has been tested with the Lantastic Network, by Artisoft. It's general
use is to be placed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT or logon script if on a network.

The use is quite simple, once installed in a subdirectory that the PATH can
find it, type "VOLUMES" (without the quotes, of course) which will show all
hard drives that are known to the system,or type "VOLUMES /C" (for capacity)
and all drives will be searched & their TOTAL volume will be displayed,with
the sum of the capacity as well.

This is NOT a TSR, so you can call it as often as you like, without fear of
it clogging up memory.

Now, for the standard disclaimer: I will not be subject to any loss, real
or imagined, through the use of this program, or it's inability to work, or
with something that cancels its operation. There, now the lawyer should be

If you continue to use the program, and I can't imagine why you wouldn't,
would you PLEASE register it by sending me $5 to the address below. At least
drop me a postcard from your city. I've written many programs, released many
as Shareware, but I'm not terribly happy with the response of the users.
(I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing....)
After all, you work for a living, wouldn't you expect more than the little
five dollars for all that you do?

Now, the address:
Dean Mires
c/o Total Resource Specialists
P.O. Box 3632
Silver Spring, Maryland 20918-3632

Compute in Good Health!

P.S. You may also contact me via my CompuServe id # [76537,1673]

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