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Versa-Menu is a very nice menu utility. Easily create new menus.
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Versa-Menu is a very nice menu utility. Easily create new menus.
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INSTALL.BAT 150 99 deflated
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MENU.CFG 4640 741 deflated
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Versa-Menu 2.0

(C) Steven London May 1990
CIS: [76200,2171]

Versa-Menu is a sharware menu utility available to all for a modest cost
of $15. The Versa-Menu package contains the following:

install.bat 150 4-04-90 20:10
instvm.exe 116384 4-26-90 20:59
menu.cfg 4640 12-20-89 21:26
readme.doc 6579 5-20-90 13:32
samples.txt 583 5-20-90 13:40
versabld.exe 94528 12-17-89 0:34
vmenu.exe 43296 5-14-90 21:00


INSTALL.BAT: Executes INSTVM.EXE which in turn lets you install the
entire package in the location you desire. The install
process will also create the required batch files, allow
you to edit your autoexec.bat file (or it can do it for
you) as well as a few other housekeeping chores.

VERSABLD.EXE: The Versa Build Menu Maker is a utility that will enable
the creation of menus for use by VMENU.EXE. Specific
features include-
Horizontal or Vertical menus
Help Lines
Full Color Selection
Shadowed Menus
Exploding Menus
Multiple Menus- "Pull Down Menus", Sub Menus etc.
Mouse Support
Framed Menus
Lotus Style Menus (No Frame)
Menu Libraries
DOS command script editor
Menu Script Generator

VMENU.EXE: The Versa-Menu program will read in a script file that
defines a menu. Versa-Menu will use any settings
created by Versa Build. No RAM overhead! (i.e. 0k used
when executing a menu item!) Other features include:
System Date and Time
Key Board flag displays- Caps, NumLock, Alt, Shift.
Help Lines (usually at line 25)
DOS System Gateway (shell)

other files: The remaining files are samples that I have created on my
own system for you to examine.

Versa-Build: Building a menu-

Once the Versa-Build and Versa-Menu programs have been copied to a work
directory, menu creation may begin. Start the Versa-Build program by
typing "VERSABLD" at the dos prompt and press [Enter].

The main menu will be displayed with the ITEM menu pulled down and ADD
hilighted. It is suggested that the GLOBAL menu be selected and choose
the SETTINGS submenu.

SETTINGS- Within SETTINGS you may select the desired Colors, Frame,
Help Row, Orientation, Exploding Menus and Shadowed Menus. These
settings are mostly self explanitory. However just to mention a word
or two about color selections- seperate colors may be selected for
each menu Frame, Title, Body, Selected Item, Pick Character, Help Line,
Disabled Items and the Shadow Color. (It is suggested that the help
line be set to 25). Once these gloabal settings are defined, they
will be used for new menus until changed. You may change the setting
to each menu of submenu by selecting SUBMENU and SETTINGS.

After the desired settings are defined, Select the ITEM menu and choose ADD.
You may now type in the Item Name and the Help text. Now select the DOS
COMMANDS option. An editing window will now appear. Type in the commands
that are required to execute the menu item. Typical examples are:


These commands will be sent to the dos prompt when this menu item is selected.

Feel free to explore all the other menu features to fine tune your menu.
The default location of the menu is the upper left corner. It is suggested
that the main menu you create be MOVED to the center of the screen. Menus
may be moved by selecting SUBMENU and DRAG. Titles may be added, menus
resized, menus draged to another location.

If you wish to work on a part of the menu not currently active, you can
choose which part to make active by selecting GLOBAL and CHOOSE. You may
switch between items and submenus with the [ESC] and [ENTER] keys.
Press the [SPACE BAR] to select.

Once a menu structure is complete, select FILE and WRITE LIB. Type in
"MENU.LIB" as a file name to contain you menu. Upto 10 library ID's
may be saved to a single file name.

!! NOTE: Even though many menus may be created and saved in a
library, the DOS commands will not be added to the
library. All DOS command files will be saved under
the "VMENUDOS.n" file name where n is the menu key
assigned by Versa-Build.

Now you may generate the menu script that will contain codes for each menu and
submenu created during this session. When the generator starts, it will
read all "VMENUDOS.n" files and insert them within the script for use by
VMENU.EXE. A "MENU.CFG" text file is created. If required this file may be
edited with any ASCII editor.

Exit the Versa-Build Menu Maker by selecting QUIT.

VMENU: Using a Menu Script.

At the dos prompt type "VMENU" and press the [Enter] key. Versa-Menu will
read in the "MENU.CFG" file created by Versa-Build. You may not use
the menu as desired.

Selecting a menu item-
To select a menu item, move the hilight bar over to the desired option
with the arrow keys. Press [Enter] to perform this item or if a submenu
was designed, the new menu will appear.

To exit and menu, press the [ESC] Key. When you at the main menu level
pressing [ESC] will exit VMENU.EXE.

****** Shareware Notice *******

VERSA-MENU is a sharware program authored by Steven London. The concept of
sharware is simple: A donation may be sent to the author for registration
of the product. At the discretion of the author and registered version
and updates may be sent back.

Versa-Menu is (C) by Steven London 1990.

A suggested donation of $15 is requested for use of Versa-Menu beyond
a review period of two weeks. Donations may be sent to:

Steven London
717 Boylston Street
Newton, Mass. 02161

The author may be reached at this address or via CompuServe: [76200,2171].

VERSA-BUILD is actually an enhanced and modified version of MAKEMENU
(C) by TurboPower 1989. No donation is required for Versa-Build but
is is not useful by itself.

Versa-Menu (C) Steven London 1990 was created using Borland Int'l Turbo
Pascal 5.5 and TurboPower Software's Turbo Professional 5.0.

Inquire about Versa-Menu for networks!

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