Category : File Managers
Archive   : UNIXFIND.ZIP
Filename : MAKEFILE

Output of file : MAKEFILE contained in archive : UNIXFIND.ZIP

OBJS = find.obj amatch.obj cp.obj crc.obj rootpath.obj ensure.obj

tcc -c -w -M -y $*

find.exe: $(OBJS)
tcc -M -y $(OBJS)

archive: nul
#make up an archive.
arc a find *.c *.h makefile *.doc find.exe

clean: nul
#clean up after ourselves.
del *.obj
del *.exe
del *.map
del *.sym

#make a .cod file out of find.c
find.cod: find.c
tcc -S -M find.c
tcod find

#the rest of these are for debugging certain modules.

#cp.exe copies a file to another and prints the string returned by cp().
#if you rename cp.exe to mv.exe, it will move the file instead of copying it.
cp.exe: cp.c crc.obj
tcc -DDEBUG cp.c crc.obj
del cp.obj

#crc.exe will print out the crcitt of a file named on the command line.
crc.exe: crc.c
tcc -DDEBUG crc.c
del crc.obj

#rootpath.exe will print out the rootpath of a given path.
rootpath.exe: rootpath.c
tcc -DDEBUG rootpath.c
del rootpath.obj

#ensure.exe will ensure that the given pathname exists.
ensure.exe: ensure.c
tcc -DDEBUG ensure.c
del ensure.obj

#'amatch.exe 'sets the errorlevel to 0 if matches ,
# or 1 if doesn't match .
amatch.exe: amatch.c
tcc -DDEBUG amatch.c
del amatch.obj