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Trisoft file finder version 3.1. Searches multiple drives fast!.
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Trisoft file finder version 3.1. Searches multiple drives fast!.
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Contents of the TTFIND.DOC file

TriSoft TTFIND v3.1

(C) Copyright TriSoft Technologies 1988,1989

TriSoft FIND is the fastest file finder available offering file management
and an easy to use interface. Find has many features, such as tagging files,
deleting, sorting and multi drive capability. Using it, one can quickly find
any file matching a specification, see its directory information, path, and
attributes. Then one can tag unwanted files for execution, switch back and
forth between drives, or sort the files by name. Now you can also dump the
list to a disk file by pressing [D] or view it by hitting [V].
When done, [ESC] will bring you back to DOS.

The new EXEC feature of FIND v3.1 allows any DOS command to execute on
all the tagged files. To do this, press [ENTER]. The prompt:


should appear. Now type in the command to execute. To insert the name
of each tagged file, place a ~ where it is to go. Using this tool it is
possible to perform any operation on a subset of the found files easily
and quickly. Note, however, that it is also easy to destroy a lot of files
by accidently tagging them all and purging them. When executing a command,
FIND will first change to the directory of the file. This allows statements

to run. (Future enhancements to FIND will allow the directory to be inserted
as well. Look for this in FIND v3.2)

FIND is a user supported, or ShareWare product. This means that you pay
nothing for it until you are sure that is useful to you, then register it
with us for a nominal fee. Registered users can also get a free upgrade to
the most recent version for just $2.00 extra to cover the cost of the disk and

NOTE: Find 2.0 has new display, scrolling, tagging, etc.
Find 2.1 fixed the bug with "Bad Filespec" error.
Find 3.0 Has improved sorting, dump to disk, execute DOS command
on tagged files and mono mode.
Find 3.1 Improved view, help screen, general code tweaking.

To register, just send $10.00 (+$2.00 for upgrade) to:

TriSoft Technologies
678 Old Hunt Way
Reston, Va. 22070

Please specify disk format for any upgrades (5.25" or 3.5")

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