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PROGRAM NAME: trsz.exe
AUTHOR: David Chen
DATE: 03-17-93
VERSION: 1.0.1


trsz means Tree Size.

I always wants to know about the total size of this directory. The size
that includes all subdirectories under this directory.

This is the program does the work. It will display the number of files
and the size of the directory. All subdirectories under this
directory display same information providing that a tree structure is drawn.
The counted files include all hidden, system, and archived files.
If the number of files is different from that "dir" shows, it is due to
the hidden files are not available in the "dir" DOS command.


Format: trsz [Options]


"-aPATH" option will search the tree size at "PATH" location to screen.
if no directory path is specified, the default is current directory.

"-wPATH" option will display the tree size at "PATH" location to an ASCII
TEXT WINDOW. if no directory path is specified,
the default is current directory.

"-pPATH" option will direct the result to the LPT1 port with a DOT MATRIX
printer. if no directory path is specified, the default is
current directory.

if no options specified, it will display a help screen.


Version 1.0.1 Inital released on 03-17-93


This program is a freeware.

This program can be freely distributed as long as you don't charge a fee
or otherwise profit from distribution. The distribution sould include
following two files as a whole package:


Any suggestions please leave message at AUTO EXEC BBS, (508)833-0508,
to the author.


This software is written by David Chen. It is protected by United Sates
copyright laws and international treaty provisions. You may NOT modify or
create derivative works based on this program or any of the information that
is contained within it. You may NOT sell, lease, rent or perform any
modifications that might otherwise convert the original contents, performance
or concept that was intended by the copyright holder of this software.


The author of this software makes no warranty of any kind either expressed
or implied. In particular we make no warranty as to correctness or
fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event shall the authors be liable for any errors contained herein or
for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing,
performance, or use of this program or documentation.

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