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A directory tree utility.
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A directory tree utility.
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Contents of the TREEDIR3.DOC file

TREEDIR -- Tree directory for MSDOS V2.0 and above.

This program combines TREE and DIR to produce a directory
of all files in each directory along with date, time and
file size.

usage:TREEDIR [directory] [/s] [/knnn]

If the directory is omitted, the tree starts with the root
directory. Use

TREEDIR .to start from the current directory.

Totals are given for each directory, which includes the
totals of any sub-directories. If the /s option is specified
only the totals are displayed.

This program was primarily written to display the actual space
used on the hard disk for each directory, and the amount of
space needed to copy to a diskette. This is due to the
allocation cluster of MSDOS: files on diskette are allocated
in increments of 1024 bytes while files on the hard disk (10 MB)
are in 4096 byte chunks. To see the space that would be taken
by some other allocation size, use the /k option. For example,
to see how much hard disk space would be used by copying all
the files from the diskette on drive a, type

treedir a: /k4

The program requires DOS 2.0 or higher, since it doesn't
make any sense otherswise.

Alan Losoff
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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