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To_Quick Version 2.0

Copyright April 1, 1989


To_Quick is a program that helps you navigate the DOS seas. Now you won't
have to type ":" or "\" or enter long commands with path information,
like "CD \name1\name2\name3." With To_Quick, you can move from drive to
drive or from directory to directory simply by typing commands such
as "TO A," "TO C," "TO DOS," or "TO UTILITY".

To_Quick will run on any IBM-compatible computer with at least 256K of
RAM. It requires DOS 2.0 or a later version and can use either
monochrome or color monitors.

Be sure to note: To_Quick will read a directory tree structure that contains
as many as 100 subdirectories. If your hard drive contains
more than 100 subdirectories, your system may crash when you
run the program.

To_Quick is easy to install, you simply copy the program's files to a
directory on your hard disk or floppy disk. This directory should
be included in the PATH statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. For more
information on the PATH statement, see your DOS manual. To_Quick will
operate faster if you put it on a hard disk, but it is fast even on
a floppy disk.

All C-Soft products include a setup program that allows you to operate in
either color or monochrome mode. The starting configuration is monochrome.
See the file SETUP.DOC for instructions.


To_Quick can be operated from the command line or from a menu.
The following commands are used:

TO - When no command line arguments are given, To_Quick will
scan the disk and present you with a menu of possible directories to
choose from. When you see the menu, use the cursor keys to move through
the possible choices. After selecting a directory, press . If
you want to change to another drive from the menu, just press and
choose a drive from the list.

TO [name] - where [name] is either a single letter for a disk
drive or is the name of a subdirectory. To_Quick will immediately change
to the specified disk or directory. To change to a directory on another
disk, first change to that disk, then give the TO command again, this time
with the directory name.

TO [name] [DOS command] (i.e. TO DATA DIR) - where [name] is
either a multiple letter name of a directory or a single letter drive
name. Including a DOS command lets To_Quick execute a command after
changing to the specified directory. You can use any valid DOS command
and even start a program automatically.

To_Quick uses a directory file (DIR_FILE.DAT), which it creates and
stores in the root directory. The file is in ASCII and can be viewed with
any word processor. When you enter a directory name, it will look for a
match on the file. If one is found, it will be made the working directory.
If you used the same name for two directories, To_Quick will go to the
first one it finds (you can use the menu mode to choose the exact one you
want). If you do not enter a directory name, a menu list will be
presented and you can scroll through it with the arrow keys and select a
directory with the enter key.

Whenever you change the structure of a disk, by adding or removing
directories, you should select that disk from the menu and choose
the command to re-scan the disk and create a new DIR_FILE.DAT file
to reflect the new disk structure.

To_Quick always assumes that a single letter [name] field is a request to
go to a different drive. You can use the blank name field (i.e. the menu
mode) to go to any single letter named directories.


The following error conditions can exist:

Directory not on list -

If you have added a new directory or if you have made a typing error,
To_Quick will ask you if you want to scan the disk again. If you do, the
program will scan the disk and look for the directory again. If it finds
the directory, it will make a new DIR_FILE.DAT file with the new
structure in place. If it is not found the second time, it will quit and tell
you it did not succeed. If you do not want the disk scanned again, the
program will quit with a "not found" message.

Directory on list, not on drive -

If you have deleted a directory and try to transfer to it, To_Quick will
delete the DIR_FILE.DAT and quit with a "NOT Found" message. The next
time you use To_Quick, it will re-scan the drive.


To_Quick is copyrighted by C-Soft and is presented as Shareware. You are
free to use it for non-commercial use as long as you like. Please
share it with your friends or upload it to Bulletin Boards provided you
distribute the entire and unaltered archive file. If you like it and find
it to be useful, you are encouraged to register your use with C-Soft. A
registration fee of $10.00 is requested for private use. Commercial users
should contact C-Soft for license information. Send registrations or
suggestions for improvements to:

C-Soft 2307
Regency Court
Fairborn, OH 45324


C-Soft offers a Charter Customer option. A Charter Customer has a special
interest in the company. Charter Customers will receive a complete
library of the software offered by the company at the time the Charter
Customer registers. Only an individual may register as a Charter
Customer. Commercial accounts can be established, but must be
individually negotiated.

A Charter Customer has the option to renew his membership each year at the
same price as his original registration - no matter how much the current
Charter Customer registration costs have increased and no matter how much
additional software has been offered by the company. When the Charter
Customer renews, a complete library of C-Soft software that is available
at the time of renewal will be provided. As our company grows, the
Charter Customers can see the value of their registration option
increase. Charter Customer registrations are available now for $30 per
year. Price is valid until December 31, 1989.

Current C-Soft products are:

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To_Quick Directory/drive navigation aid

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