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Allows you to quickly change subdirectories without CD's.
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Allows you to quickly change subdirectories without CD’s.
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Contents of the SETUP.DOC file

SETUP Version 1.0
by C-Soft
Copyright April 1, 1989

Setup is a utility program that allows you to choose whether other C-Soft
products operate in the color or monochrome mode. All C-Soft products
will operate in the monochrome mode unless modified by this program.

Enter SETUP -C or SETUP -B with the setup program in the default drive and
directory (C for color and B for monochrome).

example: >SETUP -C (this will start the program and convert the program
to run in the color mode.)

It is easiest if "setup" and the C-Soft product to be modified are in the
same drive and directory, but the program will allow you to choose other
drives or directories with the use of the "F1" key or by pressing "Return"
on the "\.." selection of the menu. Once the C-Soft product file name
appears and is highlighted for selection, the program begins the conversion
process. A message is displayed upon successful completion. Setup will
not convert C-Soft products with a Copyright date prior to April 1, 1989.

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