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Simple, yet very useful menu system. Makes accessing programs easy.
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Simple, yet very useful menu system. Makes accessing programs easy.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

What's new with THE MENU ?

Included below are the changes to THE MENU that are not reflected in
the documentation that is distributed with the program.

5/88The configuration program now allows you to password
protect the "EXIT TO DOS" option.

5/88After an option has been selected and executed. The Menu
will now return to the same menu page. This is for RAM
Resident mode only

5/88The Menu now allows you to call a menu page from an option.
This is done by entering PAGE-# as the first command line
for the calling option. "PAGE" must be in upper case and
# is the page number to be called (1-20).

9/88After approx 2-3 minutes of inactivity on any of the menu
pages, the screen will go blank and remain blank until a
key is pressed. This will help prevent monitor "BURN IN".

10/88 The key can be used to Exit to DOS from the menu
selection prompt.

12/89 The configuration program no longer requires you to provide
a default program path.

3/90 The current system DATE has been moved down on the screen
to the left of the menu title. The current system TIME
is also displayed on the same line to the right of the
menu title.The time will be suspended durring
certain MENU pronpts (ie PASSWORD, DLETE etc.).

3/90 The "Exit to DOS" PASSWORD is now in effect for all DOS
related activities including :
1. Exit to DOS
2. Entering commands interactivly for the menu prompt
3. Enter/Edit Menu options
a. This is done because the user can enter DOS
commands or "EXIT" to drop to the DOS level.

Thanks for the suggestions and notification of bugs.

Brad A. Anderson

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