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Excellent file finder. Very fast.
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Excellent file finder. Very fast.
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TurboFIND Documentation TurboFIND


TurboFIND (TF) is a utility that allows you to find all occurrences of
a file in all subdirectory of a specified disk. It is the fastest
file finder I have seen so far, faster than FINDIT, WHEREIS, SEARCH
and Peter Norton's File Find. For example, on my disk, where 1022
files reside in 114 directories, it is able to find a file in 1.59
seconds. (12Mhz AT, 25ms drive, Adaptec controller, 688 kb/sec
transfer rate, no caching).

Files included in the TF77 archive:

TF77.COM TurboFIND 8086 version
TF77286.COM TurboFIND 80286 version
TF77.DOC TurboFIND documentation (this file)

Two versions of the program have been included. TF77 will run on any
8086 based machine, and TF77286 has been compiled with the 80286
compiler switch set, making a smaller and faster executable that will
run on any 80286/80386 machine, or any machine that has a V20/V30. You
should rename the version you plan to use to something like TF, and
delete the other one.


To use the program, enter:

TF [switches]


- is any valid DOS file specification, including
wildcards, and drive specifier. If no filespec is specified,
a help screen is displayed.

- [switches] is only one of these, and is optional:
- /D : Find and delete files. You will be asked for confirmation
before deleting the files.

- /L : Change directory where the first file found resides.

- /S : Produce a short (as opposed to the default) display.
A short display looks like this:
The default output looks like this:
foobar.c 256 bytes 1:09 am Tue Aug 9 88
tf.c 17,300 bytes 2:25 am Mon Aug 8 88


tf ;display help screen.

tf *.com ;find all COM files on the default drive, using
;default (long) output

tf r*.bin /s ;find all files on the default drive matching r*.bin
;using short (/S) output

tf budget.wk1 /l ;change directory where the first BUDGET.WK1 file is

tf *.bak /d ;find and delete all BAK files on the default drive.
;You WILL be asked for confirmation before deleting
;files. If a file you want to delete is read-only,
;you will be asked if you wish to delete it anyways.

tf d:d??.txt ;find all files matching d??.txt on the d: drive.
;TF only works on high capacity disks and hard disks
;having 16-bit FAT tables. Support for 360k disks will
;be added in the next version.


The TurboFIND program is NOT public domain. If you find it fast and
useful, you are required to register it with the author. Registration
is a whopping $5.00. This will get you updates as they are made

You are authorized to distribute the program to friends, as long as
all the files (documentation, READ.ME files (if any), and both COM
files) are included and unmodified.

You are NOT permitted to change the program or its documentation in
any way.

You may not bundle it with any other software or hardware.

The C source code (TurboFIND is written in Turbo C 2.0 (**)) is
available for $20.

Send registrations, suggestions and bug reports to:

Paul Giroux
81 Maisonneuve
Dollard-des-Ormeaux (Quebec)

CompuServe 72007,3677
FidoNet 1:167/106.0

(**) Turbo C is a registered trademark of Borland International.
TurboFIND Documentation TurboFIND

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