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Compare ASCII directory listing with files online (Sysop-type utility).
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Compare ASCII directory listing with files online (Sysop-type utility).
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TESTDIR7.COM written by Terry Duke
Data 806-763-3375
Voice 806-765-7009

This one is for the Sysops of the RBBS bulletin boards.

Testdir7 has been completely rewritten using Turbo Pascal. I have added
sub-directory support and added further checking.

Basically what TESTDIR does is check the directories against the files
actually on the disk. The output of the program will give:

1. All the files that are on disk and not in directories.
2. All the files that are in directories and not on disk.
3. All the files that are duplicated in more than one directory.
4. All the files that are duplciated in more than one subdirectory.

To use this program a few preliminary steps must be taken.

First there are some restrictions on the format of the directorys.
The files names must be the first words on the lines with no leading
spaces. The file names may be in the formats of:


If the extention does not start on column 10 then a period must be
in the filename with no spaces.

Any lines that do not contain a file name also have some restrictions.
Lines that start with a space, asterisk, or any extended ASCII character
will be ignored and any blank line is ignored. The directory files must
end with the normal EOF (Control-Z) character.

Previous versions of this program call dirtest or testdir would not work
if there were commas in the directories. This version does not have
that limitation.

This version of Testdir assumes that you have a file on your default
drive called BBSYSTEM. This file must contain the information as

The first line must contain the directory extension you use on your RBBS
directories. It must be in the first column of the first line of

The next lines must contain the paths to be searched. There may be only
one path per line and they must start in the first column of the line.
The format of the path is normal drive:\directory. If you want the root
directory searched include only the drive letter and a colon.

The next line after the paths must be blank.

The rest of the file is used to contain files that you know are on the
disk but are not in the directories. These are meant to be the system
files. They must be in the same format as a normal directory.




When the program is run BBSYSTEM MUST EXIST on the default drive and it
must contain the directory extension and the paths to search. The
filenames are optional.

You will be prompted for the output device. Output can be sent to the
screen printer of a file. If the file is chosen it will be called
BBS.ERR and will be put on the default drive. I included the file
option so the program could be run remotely and the output file
downloaded. If the printer is chosen LPT1 is assumed.

This version of Testdir is written in Turbo Pascal and uses dynamically
allocated storage for the file names. Therefore the number of files it
can process is limited only by the memory in your system. It can
process up to 100 RBBS directories and 50 paths. The paths are searched
in the order they are found in the BBSYSTEM file. The directories are
checked in the order they are found on disk.

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