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A generalized, universal mouse menu for use in most applications.
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A generalized, universal mouse menu for use in most applications.
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Contents of the TCMENA01.DOC file

TC MENU A01 August 1989

Copyright is by the Author and all right are reserved by:
Thomas E. Carr, 1103 Maple Drive, Alamogordo NM 88310

Release for use: You may use the program yourself and GIVE
it to friends as long as this document is attached.
You may not sell, or convert to any use that causes any
cost to the receiver.
This includes, mail, shipping, handling, disk or any
other cost that you may claim you are being reimbursed
Further it may not be used placed or transmitted by
any electronic means, including BBS if the BBS charges
any fees, or donations for it's service.

Exception: Genie code name (TOMCARR) and Compuserve code
(72057,1130). Are hereby authorized to have them on their
system if placed on there by the above, or a SYSOP of these
systems who may have known good copies of same. No other
persons shall place same on these systems. This is to try
and assure others that the file is correct on this Two SYSTEMS.

Now to the real interest -- using the program.

Mircosoft MOUSE
MOUSE.COM or compatible
MENU.COM or compatible
and the file
TCMENA01.MNU (renamed to suit you)

at a DOS Prompt,
A: Execute
B: Execute MENU TCMENA01 (or whatever name you call it)
C: Press both buttons and a menu should appear on the
screen, if so you should be able to use same.
D: Press left button and a "/" should appear at the DOS
E: Press right button and a "\" should appear at DOS
Prompt. And the MENU will disappear.
F: Press left button again and the file not found
statement will appear as you should not have a file
named "/\".

The menu should prove useful for such programs as Spread
sheets (VP Planner, Lotus) and even SHEZ. This should
become clear as we describe the functions.

Motion of Mouse = Arrow Keys
Left Button is always = ENTER (Return)
Right Button is always = ESC
Both Button (together) = Call MENU
/ - Used by many programs to call it's own MEMU's
F1 - Used by many programs to call for HELP
HOME - Used in spread sheets to goto upper most left
PgDn - When PgDn is used
PgUp - " " " "
End Rt - Moves to the right end of a spread sheet row
End Dn - Moves to the bottom of a spread sheet column

Just load it and then your program that may use any or
all of the commands and you will quickly learn just how
easy it really is. No amount of words here will teach
you more than just PLAYING for a few moments.

Many people like and want custom menu's that overlay
their program. If you wish same can be written just for
you. A lot of detail help would be needed from you to
do so, but I might try if I think I can do it. Or you
can learn to write your own. Serval good books may help.

Write Me.
If you have any suggestions pass them along. If you
like it, let me know.
Have Fun-- Tom.

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