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July 2, 1992

Shareware Distributor Information for
ToolBOX V1.2

(C) Copyright 1992 by The Binary Toolshed - (403) 278 2234
388 Deerview Drive SE; Calgary, Alberta T2J 5Y2 Canada

All rights reserved

³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÁÐÄÄ¿ ³ Association of
³ ³ ³ÄÙ Shareware
ÀÄÄij o ³ Professionals

This document is intended for use by Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors,
Computer Clubs, User Groups, Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's), and other
groups who wish to distribute The Binary Toolshed products.

For Individual and Company Users, please refer to ORDRINFO.DOC and
ORDER.FRM for distribution information.

Brief Summary
If you are a Public BBS Sysop or Computer User Group Librarian, you may
distribute unregistered evaluation versions of The Binary Toolshed
software, as long as you keep all files together, and destroy old versions
when new versions are available.

If you are an ASP Associate (Disk Vendor) member in good standing, you may
go ahead and place The Binary Toolshed software into your distribution
channels. If you are a for profit Disk Vendor and have not been approved
by the ASP, you MUST REQUEST AND RECEIVE PERMISSION prior to distributing
this package. We want to help you make sure that your customers
understand that they're purchasing your distribution services, and not the

Program Information

Program Name, Category, Keywords

Program Name: ToolBOX

Version: 1.2

Categories: DOS Shell, File Manager, Text Viewer, Directory Tree,

Keywords: ToolBOX, ASP, point-and-shoot, command-stack, prune,

System Requirements

ToolBOX requires DOS 3.0 or later. It is compatible with any available
video card, disk configuration, memory allocation, or Intel processor.

BBS and Vendor Descriptions

Descriptions of from 1 to 12 lines, with 45 or less characters per line.

A simple yet uniquely powerful DOS shell.

ToolBOX is a unique DOS Shell with a simple/
powerful interface to all your DOS needs.

The unique ToolBOX shell provides a simple
yet powerful interface to all your DOS needs.
Its point-and-shoot capabilities are easily
configured for file management, text/graphics
viewing, file (de)compressions, and so on.

The unique ToolBOX shell provides an improved
interface to DOS functions. It allows access
to normal DOS command line functions while
adding an improved alternative: incorporating
point-and-shoot operations, directory tree
displays, text file views, and directory
display references not available through DOS.
Easily adapted for all your file management,
text/graphics viewing, file (de)compressions,
and other application needs, the ToolBOX pro-
vides a single platform for all your DOS
operations. [V1.2] [ASP]

Compressed File Name

When distributing the ToolBOX (TBOX) package in a compressed format,
please use the file name "TBOX" with a 2 digit suffix for the version
number and an extension appropriate to the compression method (ZIP, PAK,
ARC, LZH, etc.). For example, when compressing the current program using
PKZIP, use the file name "TBOX12.ZIP". This will help users locate the
most current version of the program.

Distribution Requirements

As the exclusive copyright holder for this product, The Binary Toolshed
authorizes distribution of this product only in accordance with the
following restrictions.

The ToolBOX package is defined as containing all the material listed in
the GENERAL.DOC text file. If any files listed in this documentation, or
the GENERAL.DOC file itself, are missing, then the package is not complete
and distribution is forbidden. Please contact The Binary Toolshed to
obtain a complete shareware distribution package.

o The package, including all related program files and documentation
files, cannot be modified in any way and must be distributed as a
complete package.

Small additions to the package, such as the introductory or
installation of batch files used by many shareware disk vendors, are
acceptable, provided they do not interfere with any installation
routine which may have been included by the author.

o No price or other compensation may be charged for the software
package. A distribution fee may be charged for the cost of the
diskette, shipping and handling, as long as the total (per disk) does
not exceed US$8.00 in the U.S. and Canada, or US$12.00

o You may not list any of The Binary Toolshed products in advertise-
ments, catalogs, or other literature which describes The Binary
Toolshed's products as "free", "freeware", "cheap", or "public
domain". This is copyrighted material. It is not, and never has
been, in the public domain.

o If you indicate ASP membership for products listed in your catalog or
on your BBS, please do so in your listing for this product.

o ASP Associate members may distribute The Binary Toolshed products
(whether singly, or as part of Disk Sets, CD ROMS, Disk-of-the-month
or subscription distribution methods) as long as all other
restrictions are followed. Non ASP approved vendors MUST OBTAIN

o The PRINTED documentation may not be reproduced in whole or in part,
using any means, without the prior written permission of The Binary
Toolshed. In other words, the documentation files on the disk may
not be distributed in PRINTED (hardcopy) form.

o You may not distribute outdated versions of the package without
written permission from The Binary Toolshed. If the version you have
is over six (6) months old, please contact us to ensure that you have
the most current version.

If you wish to automatically receive updates for new versions, make
this request IN WRITING to The Binary Toolshed.

o You may not use, copy, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile,
disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the package or
any of its parts, except as provided in this agreement. Any such
use terminates the license to use and/or distribute the package.

o The Binary Toolshed reserves the right to withdraw permission from
any vendor to distribute The Binary Toolshed products at any time and
for any reason.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by The Binary Toolshed.


We are customer driven. And you are our customer. Our products are built
and upgraded based on customer input and feedback. So please, if you have
any questions, comments, or suggestions or require additional information,
please contact us at the address below. In addition, we would appreciate
copies of anything you print regarding The Binary Toolshed software -
reviews, articles, catalog descriptions, or other information. Thank you.

The Binary Toolshed For Information and Support:
388 Deerview Dr. SE Phone: (403) 278-2234
Calgary, Alberta Fax : (403) 278-2256
Canada T2J 5Y2

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