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TBOX (V1.21) by The Binary Toolshed REGISTRATION ($30.00)

The ToolBOX program provides an improved interface to DOS facilities.
Applicable to the novice DOS user and to the power programmer, ToolBOX
improves visibility to the file system and simplifies most DOS activities.
The many features of ToolBOX 1.2 include:

* a full screen directory display, with user control of display format and
sort technique.
* point-and-shoot operations to initiate programs or directory changes.
* direct (pass through) execution of DOS command lines, including the
ability to reference files that have been selected within the directory
* memory requirement that can be reduced to less than 2KB.
* multiple windows which provide simultaneous views of the directory
display and the DOS command output data.
* keyboard command stack of most recent command lines. Commands can be
recalled for editing or reuse.
* stack of most recently entered directories. A single keystroke can be
used to cycle through these directories.
* designated batch files invoked for files selected with specific match

Additional commands are available to provide help, delete files or directory
branches, change number of screen lines, and much more. ToolBOX can be set
up to display your GIF files, process your archive files, or start your word
processor or spreadsheet application. ToolBOX is not a replacement for DOS,
but rather a tool that augments the normal DOS operations.

Like most DOS shells, ToolBOX can be used to COPY and DELETE files, and
generally assist in normal file operations. ToolBOX's strength though is
being able to go beyond what it is designed to do. Rather than being a
utility used to carry out a particular operation, ToolBOX can operate as a
permanent shell through which all your DOS activities can be performed.

Several other utility programs accompany the ToolBOX program:

TBOXCFG With ToolBOX, virtually everything is configurable - the colors,
display formats, key bindings, and so on. The TBOXCFG program
creates configuration files that are used by ToolBOX.

BTSPATCH A utility to quickly set the default command line arguments for
all Binary Toolshed programs.

TOASCII Utility to convert text files that use the extended IBM PC
character set (such as The Binary Toolshed documents) to use the
standard 95 printable ASCII characters.

TREE Provides a graphic display of the directory tree structure. The
user can cursor through this structure to change directories or
examine file contents.

VIEW Text viewer, or browser, for displaying the contents of text

With registration, a number of additional utilities will be provided to you
that should prove useful during normal activities with DOS:

DIRS Ever need to know where all your disk space is allocated or how
much space is really being used by each of your applications -
then use DIRS. It displays cumulative disk space totals for a
directory and all of its descendants.

DRIVES Do you always know which logical drives are assigned and the space
allocation on each. If not, DRIVES can help. It displays disk
drive parameters for all assigned drives including drive types,
volume names, capacities, and the available free space.

MAKEBAT Do you find it necessary to perform repetitive DOS operations on
multiple files within a directory. Use MAKEBAT. It can eliminate
the need to manually create such batch files.

ONPATH Need to know if a file is accessible on the DOS PATH, or which one
has precedence if multiple such files exist - ONPATH will tell

WI A WHEREIS program. Like most such programs, WI finds files
anywhere on the disk drive(s) that correspond to a match
specification. WI, however, has a powerful additional feature -
it can perform any desired DOS operation on the selected file(s).
You can copy it, delete it, view it, change directories to it,
start an application with it, or whatever. And the match
specification can involve file types, date ranges, file sizes, or
multiple file specifications (with include or exclude lists).

All of these programs are detailed in the accompanying documentation (*.DOC)

GENERAL Provides an overview of all of The Binary Toolshed programs along
a packing list, system requirement specification, installation
instructions, sample file usage, glossary, and a brief Q&A

ORDRINFO Warranty, support, and order information.

TBOX The ToolBOX program description.

TBOXCFG ToolBOX Configuration program description.

UTILS Descriptions of all utility programs.

These programs will run on any IBM PC compatible with at least 256KB, and
DOS 3.0 or higher. Proceed now to the GENERAL.DOC file to get up and
running as quickly as possible.

If you are now using VIEW for the first time (such as when starting with the
STRTHERE.BAT file), then enter the key to stop or to specify a
match specification for new files to examine. As for all Binary Toolshed
programs, use for help information.

We hope that you enjoy all that we have to offer.

The Binary Toolshed

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