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* *
* *
* * The
* *
* * Binary
* *
* * Toolshed
* *
* *
* ****** *
* * *
* * * Version 1.2
* * * July 2, 1992
* * *
* * *
******** *


1.0 The Binary Toolshed Product Distribution..........................1

2.0 Registered Trademarks.............................................4

3.0 Support...........................................................5

4.0 ToolBOX License Agreement.........................................6

5.0 Order/Registration Information....................................9

BTS Order Information Page 1

1.0 The Binary Toolshed Product Distribution

The Binary Toolshed is committed to providing programs that make the
operations of computers easier. Through your support, we hope to
provide ongoing updates and enhancements to make this product even

Through the balance of this manual, unless specified otherwise, the term
ToolBOX is used to refer to the complete shareware product - containing
the TBOX and TBOXCFG programs, the BTSPATCH, TOASCII, TREE, and VIEW
utilities, and the associated documentation and sample files.


ToolBOX is distributed under the shareware concept. Shareware is a
unique marketing concept born of the computer revolution. Users are
allowed to obtain complete working programs to freely test and evaluate
for a limited time period. If they find the programs useful they are
required to register their copy of the program. The small registration
fee goes to support the authors and encourage them to continue to
improve the software.

Shareware depends on honesty. The computer programs are freely
distributed as finished products. The authors of this form of program
depend completely on the honesty of end users for compensation for their
work. If you use a shareware program, any shareware program, please be
honest and register your copy. Shareware is not free software. It
requires just as much work and effort to produce as the highly
advertised commercial products, but it usually sells for a small
fraction of the price.

Registering a shareware program also gives you the unique opportunity to
do something that is virtually impossible with most commercial software.
When you register, your comments and ideas are usually communicated
directly to the author of the program and the response you will receive
is from him/her. This fact assures you that your ideas are heard by
someone who is paying attention. It is also from this pool of
suggestions and ideas that future improvements are spawned.

Shareware companies in general don't spend millions of dollars doing
"market research" or advertising the heck out of their products in order
to sell you something that you have only read about. It is all up it is....fully like it, please buy it,
you don't .... erase it. Shareware that is of high quality at low
prices does tend to keep all software prices lower and is therefore a
necessity in its own right. When you support shareware you not only
receive the right to use a good program but you also make a statement to
the entire software industry.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. Make the
free world economy work! Register shareware.

BTS Order Information Page 2


Non-registered users are granted a limited license to use this software
for a period not to exceed thirty days. During this period they should
test and evaluate the software to determine if it will meet their needs.
The use of this program beyond this limited time period requires regis-
tration. Registration gives you the right to use the software as
documented in the license.

NOTE: Registered users of ToolBOX will also enjoy the benefits of
additional utility programs. Get the registered copy!


Non-registered users, including SYSOPS, may distribute the SHAREWARE
version of ToolBOX providing they comply with the following:

The software must be copied in its original unmodified form.

All of the files must be included in the copy.

No fee or charge may be requested for the distribution of the

ToolBOX may not be distributed in conjunction with any other
product without the express written consent of The Binary Toolshed.

Disk vendors and distributors who wish to distribute ToolBOX for a
service fee, should refer to the license rules contained in Section 4.


ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ (tm)
³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ Association of
³ ³ ³ÄÙ Shareware
ÀÄij o ³ Professionals

ToolBOX is written and published by The Binary Toolshed, a member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). The ASP is a non-profit
organization of shareware authors dedicated to improving the quality of
shareware products, educating the public in the difference between
shareware and public domain programs, and arbitrating disputes between
shareware authors and customers if they should arise. You can be
assured that this product adheres to the highly professional standards

BTS Order Information Page 3

of that organization, and that the author has demonstrated a commitment
to this product and its registered users. If it's an "ASP" program, you
can trust it to perform well, and give you excellent value for your
money. ASP membership is granted only to those authors whose work has
been judged by the ASP membership committee to be of sufficiently high
quality to be considered "professional".

This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to
help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with
an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members'
products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskeg-
on, MI 49442 or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to ASP
Ombudsman 70007,3536.

BTS Order Information Page 4

2.0 Registered Trademarks

1-2-3 is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation
4DOS is a registered trademark of JP Software Inc.
ARJ is (C) Copyright Robert K. Jung
dBASE is a trademark of Borland International
DR DOS is a registered trademark of Digital Research
GRASPRT is (C) Copyright Paul Mace
LHA is (C) Copyright Haruyasu Yoshizaki
LIST62A.COM and FV are (C.) Copyright Vernon D. Buerg
MS-DOS, MS Windows, WinWord and GWBASIC are trademarks of Microsoft
PAK is (C) Copyright NoGate Consulting
PC-DOS, PC, PC XT, and PC AT, are trademarks of IBM Corporation
PC Paintbrush is a registered trademark of Z-Soft
PICEM is (C) Copyright John Bridges
PKXARC and PKUNZIP are (C) Copyright PKWARE, Inc
PLAYCMF and VOC are (C) Copyright Creative Music Labs
ProComm is a registered trademark of Datastorm Technologies Inc.
QUICKFLI is (C) Copyright Dancing Flame
STACKER is a registered trademark of Stac Electronics
TDUMP is (C) Copyright Borland International
TED is (C) Copyright PC Magazine/Ziff Communications Co.
VPIC is (C) Copyright Bob Montgomery
WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporation
ZOO is (C) Copyright Rahul Dhesi

Other tradenames are owned by their respective companies.

BTS Order Information Page 5

3.0 Support

Technical Support:

Technical support for ToolBOX is available to registered users. If you
are not a registered user, we will provide you with assistance to
install and evaluate a shareware copy of ToolBOX during the thirty day
evaluation period, but we cannot provide support beyond that until you

Registered users are entitled to support for 6 months following
registration. This support covers questions with regard to the products
use and provides updates for serious bugs.

Support may be obtained by:

- mail

The Binary Toolshed
388 Deerview Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2J 5Y2

- phone (limited to 1 hour per registration unit)

(403) 278 2234

- fax

(403) 278 2256

- Compuserve mail


Registered users are entitled to all minor version updates (1.xx) of
this product. The latest version of ToolBOX can always be obtained on
Compuserve in the IBMSYS forum LIB 5 (DOS SHELLS/MGRS).

BTS Order Information Page 6

4.0 ToolBOX License Agreement

This license agreement governs your use of ToolBOX. If you have any
questions about it please contact The Binary Toolshed.

(1) Copyright: The ToolBOX program and all other programs and
document-ation distributed or shipped with it are Copyright 1992,
by the Binary Toolshed and are protected by Canadian and
international copyright law. In the rest of this document, this
collection of programs is referred to simply as "ToolBOX". You are
granted a license to use your copy of ToolBOX only under the terms
and conditions specified in this license agreement.

(2) Definitions: ToolBOX is distributed in two forms. A "registered"
copy of ToolBOX is a copy distributed on diskette, purchased from
The Binary Toolshed, and which includes a serial number and the
legend "registered" in the program sign-on message or help screen,
on the diskette label, and on references from the BTSPATCH program.
A "shareware" copy of ToolBOX is a copy distributed on diskette or
via an electronic bulletin board, on-line service, or other
electronic means, obtained from a shareware disk vendor, or
obtained from another individual, and which displays the legend
"Unregistered" for the functions identified above.

(3) Shareware Copies: Shareware copies of ToolBOX are distributed to
allow you to try the program before you pay for it. They are
Copyright 1992, The Binary Toolshed, and do not constitute "free"
or "public domain" software. You may use a shareware copy of
ToolBOX at no charge for a trial period of up to thirty days. If
you wish to continue using ToolBOX after that period, you must
purchase a registered copy. If you choose not to purchase a
registered copy, you must stop using ToolBOX, though you may keep
copies and pass them along to others.

(4) Registered Copies: Registered copies of ToolBOX are distributed by
The Binary Toolshed to those who have purchased them. Your
registered copy of ToolBOX may only be used on the number of
computers specified on the license agreement.

(5) Use of One Copy on Two Computers: If you have a registered copy of
ToolBOX which is licensed for use on a single computer, you may
install it on two computers (for example, at work and at home),
provided there is no possibility that the two computers will be in
use at the same time, and provided that you yourself have purchased
ToolBOX, or if ToolBOX was purchased by your employer, that you
have your employer's explicit permission to install ToolBOX on two
systems as described in this paragraph. The right to install one
copy of ToolBOX on two computers is limited to copies originally
licensed for use on a single computer, and may not be used to
expand the number of systems covered under a multi-system license.

BTS Order Information Page 7

(6) Use of ToolBOX on Networks or Multiple Systems: You may install
your registered copy of ToolBOX on a computer attached to a
network, or remove it from one computer and install it on a
different one, provided there is no possibility that your copy will
be used by more users than it is licensed for. A "user" is defined
as one keyboard which is connected to a computer on which ToolBOX
is installed or used, regardless of whether or not the user of the
keyboard is aware of the installation or use of ToolBOX in the

(7) Making Copies: You may copy any version of ToolBOX for normal
backup purposes, and you may give copies of the shareware version
to other individuals, which they may also use and copy subject to
the terms of this agreement. If you copy the shareware version of
ToolBOX for others, you must include all of the files distributed
with it, including this one. YOU MAY NOT GIVE COPIES OF THE

(8) Distribution Restrictions: You may NOT distribute ToolBOX other
than through individual copies of the shareware version passed to
friends and associates for their individual use. Specifically, you
may not place ToolBOX or any part of the ToolBOX package in any
user group or commercial library, or distribute it with any other
product or as an incentive to purchase any other product, without
express written permission from The Binary Toolshed, and you may
not distribute for a fee, or in any way sell copies of ToolBOX or
any part of the ToolBOX package.

Anyone distributing the shareware version of ToolBOX for any kind
of remuneration must first contact The Binary Toolshed at the
address below for authorization. This authorization will be
automatically granted to distributors recognized by the (ASP) as
adhering to its guidelines for shareware distributors, and such
distributors may begin offering ToolBOX immediately (However The
Binary Toolshed must still be advised so that the distributor can
be kept up-to-date with the latest version of ToolBOX).

(9) Use of ToolBOX: ToolBOX is a powerful program. While we have
attempted to build in reasonable safeguards, if you do not use
ToolBOX properly you may destroy files or cause other damage to
your computer software and data. You assume full responsibility
for the selection and use of ToolBOX to achieve your intended
results. As stated below, The Binary Toolshed limits its warranty
to replacement of a defective program diskette.

provided as is. The Binary Toolshed makes NO warranty of any kind,
expressed or implied, including without limitation, any warranties
of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose.

(11) REGISTERED VERSION WARRANTY: The Binary Toolshed warrants the
physical diskette provided with the registered versions to be free
of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days
from the date of registration. If The Binary Toolshed receives
notification within the warranty period of defects in materials or

BTS Order Information Page 8

workmanship, and such notification is determined by The Binary
Toolshed to be correct, The Binary Toolshed will replace the
defective diskette.

With respect to the software, The Binary Toolshed makes no warranty
of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to any
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The entire and exclusive liability and remedy for breach of this
warranty shall be limited to replacement of the defective diskette
and shall not include or extend to any claim for or right to
recover any other damages, including but not limited to, loss of
profit, data, or use of the software, or special, incidental, or
consequential damages or other similar claims, even if The Binary
Toolshed has been specifically advised of the possibility of such
damages. In NO event will The Binary Toolshed liability for any
damages to you or any other person ever exceed the lower of the
suggested list price or actual price paid for the license to use
the software, regardless of any form of the claim!

BTS Order Information Page 9

5.0 Order/Registration Information

If you have already paid for and registered ToolBOX, thank you. If you
obtained ToolBOX from a shareware disk vendor, an on-line computer
service or bulletin board, a friend or colleague, or another similar
source, you have an unregistered (trial) copy. As the copyright holder
for ToolBOX, The Binary Toolshed allows and encourages you to use this
trial copy without charge for a limited period of time, under the terms
of the ToolBOX license agreement (see Section 4). After this thirty day
period expires, you must purchase (register and pay for) ToolBOX to
continue using it.

This shareware distribution method allows you to determine whether the
program meets your needs before you pay for it.

As a registered user, you are entitled to a number of privileges:

- a diskette with the latest version of the ToolBOX program will
be mailed to you.

- access and use of any subsequent minor version updates (i.e
1.xx) as they become available through public or private
distribution channels.

- support, as described in Section 3, is available for a period of
six months following registration.

- notification of future major updates (i.e V2.xx) and a reduction
in rates for upgrades.

- shipment of a number of extremely useful utility programs that
are only made available to registered users. As documented in
the UTILITIES USER MANUAL, these include:

DIRS displays disk space utilization for directory

DRIVES displays disk drive parameters for assigned

MAKEBAT creates batch files based on a template data file
and a file match specification for applicable

ONPATH determines if specified files are accessible
through the DOS PATH variable.

WI a 'WhereIs' program which finds specified files
wherever they are located on the disk drive(s),
and optionally carries out an operation on those

The registration fee for a single copy of ToolBOX is $30US, or $34 Cdn.
As explained in detail in this section, this payment fee entitles you to

BTS Order Information Page 10

an up-to-date copy of ToolBOX, support and upgrade privileges, and a
number of additional utility programs.

Discounts are available for multiple users at a given site. The fee for
a license is based on the estimated number of separate users of the
ToolBOX program. For local area networks, one copy must be licensed for
each computer that will be using the program on the network. To use the
discount schedule below, estimate the total number of copies that you
may eventually use.

ToolBOX Ver 1.2
Number of users(copies) Price per copy
1 $ 30
2 to 10 25
11 to 25 24
26 to 50 23
51 to 75 22
76 to 100 21
101 to 125 20

Unlimited at one site $2500
Additional sites 1250 each

Only one copy of the software will be shipped in each case, regardless
of the number of users licensed.

All prices are shown in $US. Monies accepted in either American or
Canadian currencies; current Canadian exhange rates are computed as 1.14
times the stated American rates.

Canadian residents add 7% GST.

Payment accepted by cheque (Canada and USA only), money order, or VISA.
Invoices accepted for orders over $100. Note VISA billings will
originate in Canadian dollars.

ToolBOX can be ordered using the order forms in the ORDER.FRM file.
Phone orders accepted at (403) 278-2234 or transmit your order form to
us by fax at (403) 278-2256. You can also order via CompuServe (CIS
70724,2747). Please include all information on the order form with your
electronic order, preferably in the same format.

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