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Enhanced SWEEP command - execute commands on all subdirectories.
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Enhanced SWEEP command – execute commands on all subdirectories.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


This utility program SWEEP.EXE is contributed to the public
domain with the following restrictions:

1. The programs remain copyright (c) by Robert Briggs, the author.
Use of these utilities in a commercially distributed application or
environment should first be cleared with the author.

2. The utilities are NOT to be distributed on any BBS system that
disallows ZIP file archiving, or any BBS that discourages uploads
of files with .ZIP extensions.

3. The utilities are NEVER to be distributed as, or included in, a file
with a .ARC file extension, or any other "libraried" form compatible
with the current SEA ARC program (or any future derivatives of that
program), but incompatible with the PKWARE ZIP program.

4. All files in a given group (along with this this file) should
remain together. It is preferable to distribute the appropriate
ZIPped file rather than the individual unZIPped files.

5. Users who find my utilities useful and use them on a regular basis
are urged to send a SMALL contribution to the author. See the bottom
of the appropriate .DOC file for the authors address.

6. Users of the PKWARE ZIP utilities, especially those who use them on a
regular basis, are urged to send a contribution to that author, in
recognition of that authors contribution to the public domain, and his
efforts contributing to popularizing "libraried" files by producing
programs that worked well and FAST, even on a 4.77 Mhz. machine.

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