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Buerg's util swaps names of 2 files.
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Buerg’s util swaps names of 2 files.
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Contents of the SWAPNAME.DOC file


Purpose: To change the names of two disk files to that
of the other file.

Format: SWAPNAME [d:][path]filename.ext [d:][path][filename.ext

Remarks: The drive and path names are optional. If omitted, the
current drive and path name is used.

File names must be supplied for both files. The files
may be on different drives and/or in different paths.

If any errors are encountered, such as invalid file names,
both files are restored to their original names, and an
error message is issued. The message contains a return
code from the RENAME function. Refer to the DOS manual
for its meaning.

Copyright Vernon D. Buerg, Feb 20, 1986. For the IBM PC
using DOS 2.0 or later. Public domain. All rights reserved.

o Swap the names for the files TEST.NEW and TEST.OLD:


o Swap the names for the file OLD.DAT in subdirectory
SAVE on drive A: to NEW.DAT in subdirectory WORK on
drive B:


There is now a file called NEW.DAT in directory SAVE on
drive A, and one called OLD.DAT in directory WORK on drive B.

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