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Replacement for DOS's XCOPY with enhancements.
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Replacement for DOS’s XCOPY with enhancements.
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Contents of the TCOPY.DOC file

TCOPY.DOC December 1, 1989

This is probably the BEST copy utility ever written!

It is VERY similar to DOS's XCOPY, but MUCH more versatile.

The tutorial is embedded in the utility. All that needs to be
done to learn about this utility is to type TCOPY at the DOS

This utility will work with ANY version of (PC) DOS above
version 2.0

This utility may be distributed freely PROVIDED;

1. NO monetary exchanges are made between the PROVIDER and
the RECIPIENT.(...other than the COPYRIGHT holder...)

2. TCOPY may NOT be "Bundled" with ANY type of COMMERCIAL
software for SALE or RE-SALE under ANY circumstances.

3. NO "consequential damages" can be stated due to the USE
of this utility, EXPLICITLY or IMPLICITLY.

A copy of the SOURCE CODE may be provided, if requested, by
sending as SASE to:

Greg M. Todd
3410B Chelsea Park Village
Norcross, Ga. 30092

A "nominal" donation ($20.00) is requested.

Technical questions will be answered (...time allowing...)
by calling (404) 242-9794 any time AFTER 6:00 pm (EST)
Monday thru Friday.

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