Dec 282017
PD Sidekick work-alike w/DOS shell/comm v2.
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PD Sidekick work-alike w/DOS shell/comm v2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.BAT 16 16 stored
README.TXT 1004 530 deflated
SDINSTAL.COM 13783 10039 deflated
SDINSTR.DOC 64792 15804 deflated
SUMDOS.COM 62882 35737 deflated
SUMDOS.DAT 10 10 stored

Download File SUMDOS2.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.BAT file

type readme.txt

Contents of the README.TXT file

type readme.txtThis diskette contains a file titled "SDINSTR.DOC" .
It is the instructions for using the SUMDOS program.

Before you print the instructions be sure you have at least 46
sheets of paper and your printer is on and that the paper is at
the top and ready. The file contains form feed characters and
will automatically move paper up to the next page.

With the SUMDOS diskette in the A: drive type the following:


The above copy command will copy the documentation to your printer.
If required, you may abort the print function by pressing "Ctrl C".

Important Note:
SUMDOS may not be compatible with all applications programs or some other
memory resident utility programs. Therefore, test SUMDOS with your programs.

Execute the program to define communications parameters
and monitor type. SUMDOS.COM and SUMDOS.DAT must reside in the same directory.
When you execute SUMDOS you MUST be logged on to the directory that SUMDOS
resides in.

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