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A great replacement for CD. Move around directories quickly.
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A great replacement for CD. Move around directories quickly.
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Contents of the SUBDIR.DOC file

SUBDIR ver. 2.11 06/09/91 (C) Copyright Karl A. Wagner, Software Kinetics
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ver. 1.11 Added detection of sub directory extension if any.

Ver 1.12 Corrected bug which didn't let change to a sub directory
that was eleven chars long ie. abcdefgh.123.

Ver 2.0 Added features for better navigation through sub directories,
corrected minor bugs and recompiled, fully optimized, with
Borland's new Turbo C version 2.

Ver. 2.1B 05/26/91 Beta.

CORRECTED Fixed bug that program couldn't see the first subdirectory
in the tree.
Made some cosmetic fixes.
ADDED When the program exits, will now tell you the current subdirectory.
Recompiled with Turbo C 2.01

Ver. 2.11B 05/28/91 Beta.

CORRECTED Documentation errors fixed in doc and exe file.

Ver 2.11 06/09/91 Release OK.


Hi folks!:

I hope you like this small utility program. It was written entirely
in C language, so it is quite fast.

To install the program, copy the file S.EXE to your root directory
or your search path and just enter "s" followed by .

You will be able to travel through your sub directories very easily
by just selecting a letter and only one key stroke, and when you are at
the desired sub directory, just press and you will be logged
in the current sub directory that is displayed.

Please feel free to share this program with your friends but
only in it's original file name "SUBDR211.ZIP" and NO MODIFICATIONS!.

Have fun!,
Karl Wagner CPS ID 71511,2434


Hola amigos:

Por fin he revisado el programa SUBDIR, ya que muchos amigos me
criticaban que el programa tenia un BUG!. Pero ya esta arreglado.

Para instalar el programa, copien el archivo "S.EXE" a la raiz de el
disco duro, o a cualquier subdirectorio que este en el paso ("PATH") de el disco.

El programa provee navegacion completa, atravez de el arbol de directorios
de el disco duro, o sea, con solo una tecla, uno puede subir o bajar de
subdirectorios. Despues que usen este programa, jamas usaran el comando
de CHDIR o CD de el DOS!.

Esta version es la 2.11.

Que lo gocen!.

Software Kinetics
Post Office Services
RR-2 Box 80
Rio Piedras, PR. 00928

ATTN Karl A. Wagner

are Copyrighted (c) by Karl A. Wagner, Software Kinetics 1988,1991

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