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Still River DOS Shell, very popular.
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Still River DOS Shell, very popular.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

P.O. BOX 57, STILL RIVER, MA 01467

RE: Version 2.58

The enclosed program (SR.EXE) and documentation (SR.DOC) are for
version 2.58 of the STILL RIVER SHELL user supported software.

The Still River Shell is a powerful DOS enhancement utility
providing a fast, precise and simple tool for file and directory
management as well as a high performance command interface to
DOS. The Still River Shell will reduce your DOS work effort by
over 80% in terms of time and key strokes. In fact, when you
order the complete manual and latest copy of the Shell, it comes
with a 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied
with the Still River Shell, just return the manual and diskette
for a full refund. We think you will find the Still River Shell
is just the beauty you need for your beast. Listed: 1987 and
1988 in PC SIG's TOP 100 Shareware Programs.

If this is your first copy of the Shell, the following is a brief
summary of the Still River Shell's features:

- Eliminate almost all command and filename typing.

- Keep a stack of 20 of your prior DOS commands for instant
recall, WP type command line edit and execution.

- Turn your directory into a menu you scroll through,
selecting items for operations.

- Copy, move, delete and list files and directories with
single keystroke command selection.

- Automatic generation of command, file and directory names on
your command line.

- Pass a DOS command line for each file in a set of tagged

- Tag, untag, reverse and recall tag individual files, ranges
of files or all files either directory or system wide.

- See realtime file, directory and disk information as you
execute commands.

- Find files, or text within files, easily anywhere on your
system with one command and operate (view, edit, copy etc)
directly against the found file lists.

- 1 -

- Display graphically directory tree structures and use tree
display to make, remove or list directories.

- View the contents of a file in character or hex.

- Sort files by physical order, attribute, name, extension,
size or date.

- Protect against accidentally copying onto existing files.

- Modify file attributes.

- Backup large directories onto multiple diskettes.

- Define your own extensions to the Shell's command set. For
example: touch a key to edit, with your editor, the file
your pointing at; or, execute the file; or, archive it; or,
however you choose to define the 40 user definable keys.

- Set flexible, stored configuration options including color,
initial sort, etc.

The Still River Shell runs on the IBM PC, XT, AT & PS/2 or
compatibles under PC-DOS or MS-DOS versions 2.n and 3.n; occupies
a minimum of 94K but does NOT stay resident when it terminates.

Thank you for your interest in the Still River Shell.


Bill White

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