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Good menu program with editor.
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Good menu program with editor.
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Contents of the ORDER.DOC file


Order Form

Yes! I believe in the shareware method of software
distribution and marketing.

I want to become a registered user of Snap and receive my
own personal serial number. I understand that for every
registration KeyStrokes Computer Works receives bearing my
registration number, I will be paid $5.00 (U.S. funds.)

Please send me:

_______ copies of Snap @ $15.00 each Total: $___________

Kansas Residents please add 5.0% sales tax
(75 cents per copy of Snap): ___________

Total Payment Enclosed: ___________

Please pay by check or money order.

Mail this form and remittance to:

KeyStrokes Computer Works
812 East 15th
Winfield, Kansas 67156

Orders will be filled and mailed first class as promptly as
possible. After 2 weeks please call or write!


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