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Star Menu version 2.01, minor bug fixes for 2.00.
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Star Menu version 2.01, minor bug fixes for 2.00.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

This version 2.01 is a minor revision to correct the following problems
in Star Menu version 2.00 reported by users:

1. Please note that I can not insure that the cursor emulation mouse
feature will work with drivers other than Logitech(after version 3.xx)
or Microsoft. The mouse driver you are using must be able to install an
event handler properly. The default mouse driver configuration is for
the pointer mouse which works with most Microsoft compatible mice. If
you turn on the cursor emulation mouse option from the Program Action
Toggles menu in the configuration program and your system crashes, then
run STARCONF.EXE from the command line after a reboot and turn the
option off. Please report to me the mouse manufacture and version of
the driver you are using to me, and I'll try to correct the problem.

2. Phone number for support BBS listed improperly. I have changed this
in two places in the manual and the ANSI exit screen.

3. Users of the program STACKER which compresses your hard disk: in
version 2.00 of Star Menu, it would not install properly if you had the
swapping feature of STACKER enabled because this made the AUTOEXEC.BAT
file on your boot drive READ ONLY. I do not attempt to write to the
file if it is READ ONLY in this version. If you are running STACKER or
any other program which makes the AUTOEXEC.BAT file READ ONLY, you will
have to ensure that your Star Menu directory is in the system path and
that you call SM.BAT in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file if you wish to load Star
Menu at boot time.

4. If you used the upgrade feature in version 2.00 the utilities would
not execute properly. This has been corrected.

5. In several places in Make Menu, the cursor did not come on during
screen edits making editing confusing. This has been corrected.

6. The DOS menu has been modified to call DOS 5.0 help, shell and

To quickly install Star Menu, copy all of the files in the archive
DISKONE.ZIP onto a Star Menu program diskette. Place this diskette
into an external floppy drive and type: INSTALL .

The manual is contained in the archive MANUAL.ZIP and contains
additional installation and configuration instructions.

When you are finished with the install program, copy the files from
DISKTWO.ZIP into your Star Menu directory.

ERROR: The manual states that for timed executions column 20 of the
AUTOEXEC.TIM file will be 1-7 for the days of the weeks. The correct
numbers should be 0-6 where 0 is Sunday. The number 7 in column 20
will execute the selection all days of the week, 8 will execute Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, and 9 will execute Tuesday and Thursday.

If you toggle passwording on, make sure that you know the default system
password is PASSWORD. If you are passwording menus, the password is not
encrypted, therefore, unless you turn on system passwording the menu
passwords will be accessable to the user.


You should first back up your Star Menu(tm) program and menus directory
as a safety measure.

Then place the Star Menu diskette in the A or B drive and type:


Enter your current Star Menu Directory and current Menus Directory

You will have to choose to overwrite any files which you have not
changed in your program or menus directory. For instance, if you have
modified AUTOEXEC.TIM the help files or the SMKEYS.CNF files then you
will not wish to overwrite them.

The program will then upgrade your current configuration adding new
default options, and then execute the new version of Star Menu(tm)
without modifying your existing menus.

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