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Smart Menu 2.0A. Small, Easy to use menu program. This one is loaded with features. Designed for simplicity and the novice computer user.

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Smart Menu 2.0a. Small, Easy to use menu
program. This one is loaded with features!
Designed for simplicity and the novice
computer user. Now, with full on-line
help, and many, many new features.

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Smart Menu 2.0A. Small, Easy to use menu program. This one is loaded with features. Designed for simplicity and the novice computer user.
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Smart Menu 2.0a. Small, Easy to use menu
program. This one is loaded with features!
Designed for simplicity and the novice
computer user. Now, with full on-line
help, and many, many new features.
Smart Menu 2.0a - README file
Son Productions

Smart Menu is a small menu that is easy to use, and loaded with features.

Files that should be included in this archive:

BBS.LST : A list of BBS's that the latest version of SM can be found on
DESC.SDI : Description of Smart Menu for Wildcat! and other BBS's
FILE_ID.DIZ : Description of Smart Menu for PCBoard and other BBS's
ORDER.FRM : An order form for registering Smart Menu 2.0a.
README : This file with extra information about Smart Menu 2.0a.
SM.BAT : The Batch File Used to Run Smart Menu
SM_PROG.EXE : Smart Menu 2.0a Main Executable File
SM.HLP : Smart Menu 2.0a Help File
SM.DOC : Smart Menu 2.0a Documentation
SMUPDATE.EXE : SMUpdate 1.0 - Update version 1.1 CFG files to version 1.2
SM2UPDTE.EXE : SMUpdate 2.0 - Automatic conversion program used by SM
Do not attempt to run this yourself!

Any other files in this archive are not authorized by the author.


9/14/92 - Initial Release

11/14/92 - Released as Version 1.1
Note: This is mostly a bug release. Sorry about this, as I
had made some enhancements the day before I released
Version 1.00, and I did not bug-test them thoroughly.
And this is the result!
Bugs Fixed:
- Colors were not being reset to the same as they where before
SM was run. Fixed.
- Occassionally, some programs would not run, after returning
from a menu that uses swapping to a menu that uses batch.
- When ALT-X or F10 was pressed from a sub-menu, Smart Menu was
not exiting properly. Fixed.
- When saving a CFG file under a new name, SM did not add the
.CFG extension to the name. Fixed.
- Added an option to the command to start SM with a different
configuration file than the default file, "SM.CFG".
This is done by naming the file on the command line.
For example, "SM GAMES.CFG" would start SM with the file
- Now displays the name of the configuration file for the
current menu on the main configuration screen.

12/10/92 - Released as Version 1.2
Bugs Fixed:
- Title Line of new sub-menus wasn't being added when you edit
them for the first time.
- Text Input Lines were not being updated properly in the Entry
Information Screens.
- Added an option to not display the clock on the main screen.
A few people did not like that clock there, so I added this
- Enhanced the CFG Files. This is why SMUpdate is included.
In the new type of file, they can be used as either Main Menu
files or Sub-Menu Files with no problems.
Also made the CFG files so that SM could tell what version they
were made with and still be able to use them, even if they were
from an older version. (That's the main reason for SMUpdate)
- Added an option for SM to keep a LOG file of what users do in
Smart Menu. This is a file in SM's home directory, called
SM.LOG (See SM.DOC for more info)
- Included new program, called SMUpdate.Exe. This will update
CFG files from Versions 1.0 and 1.1 to 1.2.
Usage is "SMUPDATE ", where is the CFG
file you want to update. Wildcards may be used.
Sorry for this incovenience, but it will not happen in future
versions, due to the Enhanced CFG Files.

11/20/93 - Released as Version 2.0
Bugs Fixed:
- After creating a new menu, SM would exit to DOS rather than go
to the new menu.
- The clock, during midnight, would show 0:01a.m.
- The screen was not being redrawn after returning from a DOS
- The Passwords Backspace Option was not working properly.
- The Passwords Visibility Option did not work.
- Fixed problem with the clock sometimes not appearing.
- Fixed a problem with some files not running properly in
Batch Mode.
- Fixed a problem with non-existent CFG Files.
- Fixed a problem with pushing ESCape from the Color Selection
- Added hot-keys to the Configuration menus.
- Added a Change to root option to return to the root directory
after running a program.
- Added full, on-line help, available anywhere in the program, by
pressing the F1 key. This is what the SM.HLP file is for.
The help option was removed from the Utility Menu.
- Added a Help Index, available through the Shift-F1 key.
- A new encryption scheme is used in this version, but the
conversion is automatic and only happens the first time you
run the new version.
- Added more clock display options. You can now choose to show
the clock with or without seconds.
- Added more keys in the Color Selection Screen: PgUp takes you
to the top, PgDn to the bottom, and the mouse cursor now moves
- Added the ability to call the screen saver on demand by pressing
either the F8 or the Alt-A Key.
- Added a Screen Saver Password to lock up your system while you
are away from it.
- Changed the Configuration so that when you push ESCape it asks
you if you want to save the CFG File.
- Changed so that if you specify a CFG file on the command line,
you do not need to type the '.CFG'.
- Changed so that selecting All for a Swap Destination swaps to
XMS, EMS, and DISK, in that order, rather than EMS, XMS, DISK.
Cosmetic Changes:
- Changed the 'Credit Screen' to 'About SM'.
- Changed 'Save' to 'Save File'.
- Changed 'Save As' to 'Save File As'.
- Added shadows in the menus and various places to improve the

11/30/93 - Released as Version 2.0a
Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed problem with upgrades from previous versions. Users would
receive 'File is not locked' error messages

Future Plans:

- A whole new interface, using more modern interface styles.
- A different way of using the mouse, with a mouse pointer.
- Preset video modes. You can select what text mode that you want
SM to run in.
- When building a new menu, SM will automatically detect what programs
are on your hard disk, and put them in appropriate sub-menus.

If you think of something you'd like to see added to SM, please let me know.


Please glance over the documentation, and then enjoy Smart Menu!

However, please do not forget that Smart Menu is not freeware, and that
you are expected to pay for it if you use it.

Questions may be mailed to me at:

John Campion
86 Collins Circle
Hanover, PA 17331 USA

{end of README}

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