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Display all files with a date newer than that specified.
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Display all files with a date newer than that specified.
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Contents of the SINCE.DOC file

Filename: since.doc
Date: 10/16/87
Author: unknown (downloaded from Exec-PC, 10/15/87; the original was
apparently uploaded to Exec-PC 8/18/87)
Reviser: Herb Robinson
Contents: documentation for since.exe

The following is a copy of the original author's documentation:


SINCE - A program to list files on a disk that were modified on or after
a specified date. Returns you to the directory that was active when the
command was issued.


C>since 12 20 86

This will list all files on drive 'C' that were created on or after December
20, 1986. Searching always takes place from the root directory and branches
down through any subdirectories. Source is provided; Microsoft 3.0 'C' is
the compiler that I used.


This improved version of since.exe works just like the original, except
that the user may specify a 4-th argument (the hour, 0-23), and a 5-th
argument (the minute, 0-59), and every argument which is not present on
the command line is given a default value. Also, the error messages have
been modified, and the appearance of the printed output has been improved.
Source is still provided.


CommandLists files which have been touched since

sincethe start of today
since 2the start of the most recent February 1
since 3 10the start of the most recent March 10
since 12 20 86 7December 20, 1986, 7:00 a.m.
since 12 20 86 16 30December 20, 1986, 4:30 p.m.

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