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Contents of the OTHERS.DOC file

by Jean Lalonde
Montreal, CANADA
August 1988


This file contains only one of my hard-disk utility programs. The
five programs should be available where you got this one. They were
originaly uploaded on Compuserve: "GO IBMSW", "LIB 3" (or LIB 0).

CUT.ARC 'Cut v1.1' Slice/Paste big big files with checking
DDUP.ARC 'DDup v1.4a' Clean out dupes files from hard-disk
FILL.ARC 'Fill v3.0' Fill floppiess from a large directory
SIN.ARC 'SearchIn v2.5e' Search for words in ASCII text files
SUB.ARC 'Sub v4.1b' "Where-is" + "What-to-do" power!

To receive a disk containig those five programs, send me $25 at
the address mentionned below.


If you use and like one of
my programs, feel free to
send me some money! Keepping
shareware programmers happy
is the best garantee to see
good shareware around you!

Send check or money order
Jean Lalonde
6667 De Normanville
Montreal, CANADA


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