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Great file finder, checks ARC'ed files also !!!.
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Great file finder, checks ARC’ed files also !!!.
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Contents of the SFIND.DOC file

SFind.doc - This file must accompany when SFind is copied.

SuperFind 1.00 Copyright (C) Tony Overfield 1987.
All rights reserved. For non-commercial use only.

Usage: SFind [d:]filename.ext [/n] [/p]
[d:] - optional drive letter
filename.ext - required file specification
[/n] - optionally omit .ARC searching
[/p] - pause when screen is full

This program searches the entire drive for files that match the
specification given. The wildcards * and ? are permitted.

Sfind will also search all .ARC files on the drive for the specified file,
unless the /n parameter is present.

You may copy and distribute the SFind program freely, provided that it is
distributed only in its original, unmodified state, and with its
accompanying documentation file(this file).

I wrote SuperFind to help me locate files on my hard disk after
having previously combined them into .ARC files. Whenever my hard
disk becomes nearly full, and I need some space for other files, I
usually combine the entire contents of a particular subdirectory
into one file to gain the required amount of space. Over time,
this process has resulted in numerous .ARC files on my hard disk,
each representing many different files. Then it happens: I need
to find a particular file and I just KNOW that it is on my hard
disk somewhere, but I don't know where. I tried all the file finding
programs I could find, but none of them would look inside my .ARC
files. That is why I wrote SuperFind. I needed a FAST method of
locating files even if they were enclosed within a .ARC file.

I wrote SuperFind in assembly language for maximum speed and
small size (less than 3k). Nobody wants a program that is
unreasonably large or unnecessarily slow. The result is a carefully
designed program, with much effort engaged in achieving maximum
speed and minimum size. SuperFind does not have bells and whistles.
It simply does its job as rapidly as possible, and takes up very
little space.

SuperFind reads all of the directories on the specified disk in
its attempt to find the specified file. If a file with the extension
.ARC is found during the search, then it is also checked for the file.
The option /n will save you some time if you know that the file is
not in a .ARC file. The amount of time saved depends on the number
and size of the .ARC files on the specified drive. The /p parameter
causes SuperFind to pause and wait for a key when the screen is full.

When you run SuperFind, you will see output similar to the output

First is the title line, indicating the program and version.
The next line tells you where the program will be searching and the
file specification that it is looking for.

When files are found they will be displayed in one of two ways.

Files that are found in a normal directory are indicated with a
"-" and then the name of the directory in which the file was found.

Files that are found in a .ARC file are indicated with a ">" and
the full pathname of the .ARC file that contains the file.

Sample Output:
The command given to dos for this example was:

C>sfind s*.asm
-------------------------- SuperFind output begins

SFind Version 1.00, 01-28-87

Searching drive C: for [S???????.ASM]


3 file(s) found

-------------------------- SuperFind output ends

This output shows that the files SFIND.ASM and SPOOL.ASM were found in
a directory called C:\ASMS, and SFIND.ASM was also found inside a .ARC
file called BACKUPS.ARC that was also in the directory called C:\ASMS.

Running SuperFind:

If you want to find a file called "program.asm", just enter:

SFind program.asm

If you want to search another drive (C: for example), just enter:

SFind c:program.asm

If you want to find the file without searching .ARC files, just enter:

SFind program.asm /n

The following examples are all valid:

SFind b:program.asm /n
SFind prog*.asm
SFind d:prog*.a*
SFind *.*

Version 2.00 (coming in March '87):
New features that will be incorporated into version 2.00 are:
o Support for searching .LBR files, including sQueezed files
o Additional listing options
o Any reasonable request from users of version 1.00

I will send version 2.00 to anyone who sends me $5 for my trouble.

I have attempted to make this program work as represented, and to the
best of my knowledge it does. I will not, however, take any responsibility
for any problems that may occur when using this program.

You may copy and distribute the SFind program freely, provided that it
is distributed only in its original, unmodified state, and with its
accompanying documentation file(this file).

Commercial users must contribute $5 for continued use of this program.

This program is "Supper-Ware". If you feel this program is worth buying
me supper, then send me a check($5-$10), and I'll treat myself.
This contribution is completely voluntary.

(By the way, I've been told that about one in a thousand people actually
contribute. So, if five thousand people like and use this program, I
might make a whopping $25!)

I wrote this program to fulfill a need that I perceived, and it
has served me well. If you like this program, and you want to send
me a donation, you should feel free to do so.

Please send comments and/or donations to:
Tony Overfield
P.O. Box 3666
College Station, TX 77843

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