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A completely configurable menu system allowing up to 10 items (Goto DOS and ParkHeads are Defaults) and 2 lines for a header.
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A completely configurable menu system allowing up to 10 items (Goto DOS and ParkHeads are Defaults) and 2 lines for a header.
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Contents of the SETPASS.DOC file


Description :

This program is designed for use on systems by people who
have little knowledge of DOS. The program PASS.EXE provides a
windowed, mouse scrollable, or F-key accessible menu in the
colors of your choice and in the box design of your choice.

You are allowed up to 10 program name entries.

Each entry may be up to 25 characters in length (including
spaces - such as, WordPerfect 5.0).

You can also have a two line Title to the Menu.

First Time Use :

Step 1 : Run SETPASS.EXE with PASS.EXE in the same oath
location. Setpass locates Pass then proceeds as follows:

"Set Box and Colors (Y/N)"

Select Y then answer the questions as to your choice of box and
colors of the menu.

You will then be taken to the HEADER. The first line header is
the top line and the second is, of course, the second.

You will then be prompted for the Program Titles. You are
allowed 10. The program has two (2) default titles as numbers 11
and 12. These are "Go To DOS" and "Park Heads." You will ALWAYS
have those as the last two in your menu even if you enter only
two program titles.

If can't fill all ten program titles, just tap enter for each.

The program defaults, are now set.

Step 2 :

Using a good ASCII file creator, create a batch file which
directs the choices of Pass.exe. When a item is selected, it
returns an errorlevel from 1 to 12. Twelve (12) is the first
item in your menu, 11 the next, 10 the next, etc. Thus the batch
file may be written as

@echo off
if errorlevel 12 goto word <- first item in pass
if errorlevel 11 goto pcfile <- 2nd item in pass.exe
if errorlevel 10 goto pct
if errorlevel 9 goto out <- don't forget to include
if errorlevel 8 goto park these two
menu <- batch file recalled when program has
:pcfile completed running. This is the name
cd\pcfile of the batch file.
echo To return to menu, type menu
echo <- use Alt 255 to create invisible ascii codes
goto exit

I titled my batch file MENU.BAT. I put "menu" at the end of
my utility directory. I have a PATH statement in my AUTOEXEC.BAT
which includes a search path of C:\UTILITY.

Future use :

Should you become bored with the colors or add or delete
programs, running SETPASS again will give you a reading of what
it now includes and offer you the opportunity to add and delete.
Don't forget to change the corresponding items in the batch file.

This menu program is currently in use at Western Wyoming College.
It is written in Turbo Pascal 5.5 and compiled with Bob
Ainsbury's Technojock Toolkit and John Majkrzak' SDEFS.TPU.

Roger Taylor, Jr.
4002 Madison Drive
Rock Springs, Wyoming 82901

Disclaimer : The two programs, SETPASS.EXE and PASS.EXE, have
been thoroughly tested on an IBM PC with CGA graphics card, IBM
PC with monochrome card, IBM PS2 Model 30, Model 30-286, and
55SX. No flaws have been found. However, the writer is not
responsible for any real or imagined damage.

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