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Set file time,date & attributes.
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Set file time,date & attributes.
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Contents of the SETATTR.DOC file

Documentation for Set Attributes

(c) 1988 Bruce R. Childers
v1.1 12/05/87

SetAttr.Exe is a simple program that allows you to change the
header of a file. The program allows the following to be

Read Only Attribute
Hidden Attribute
Archive Attribute
System File Attribute

The program works by first reading in all files from the
current directory, and then displays the first file read to the
screen. You can then edit the file header, or move through the
list of file headers contained in memory.

Available Commands from the Main Menu:

PgUp - next file
PgDn - previous file
Home - first file
End - last file
F1 - edit header
F2 - change path/name
F5 - set all header attributes equal to this one
F6 - save this header
F9 - save all headers
F10 - exit program

In the Edit Mode, the following commands are available:

UpArrow - up a field
DownArrow - down a field
Home - first field
End - last field
PgUp - next file
PgDn - previous file
F1 - for current date
F2 - for current time
F6 - reload attributes
F9 - save this file
F10 - exit to main menu

Included in this archive is the source code. Feel free to make
any changes you want, but please upload the modified source
code (with documentation of changes made) to the bbs listed in
the code. Also, include a compiled version of the program so
those who don't have access to a copy of TP 4.0 can use the


Bruce R. Childers, 02/01/88.

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