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SeeJunk allows you to look at unallocated bytes at the end of a file.
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SeeJunk allows you to look at unallocated bytes at the end of a file.
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Program Specification


Version: 1.0 July 27, 1990

Function: Look at unallocated bytes at the end of a file.

Requirements: 64K, DOS 2.0 or later.

Command Syntax: SEEJUNK [/s] filespec...filespec

Filespec may contain drive and path specifiers, as well
as wildcards (* and ?). The optional "/s" indi-
cates that all subdirectories within filespec
should also be examined.


SEEJUNK illustrates why you should use PRUNE before you
distribute your software.

DOS allocates disk space in terms of fixed-length
"chunks" called clusters. Few files are exactly a mul-
tiple of the cluster size in length, so the unused bytes
at the end of the last cluster may contain sensitive in-
formation left in the memory of the system used to gener-
ate or copy the files. SEEJUNK shows, in standard DOS
Debug dump format, the data actually present after the
end of file. Neither file sizes nor file times of files
thus processed are not affected by this operation.

Standard DOS I/O is used, so SEEJUNK should work on any
disk, including RAMDisk.


SEEJUNK does open each file for read/write access, so if
your data is fragile, back it up, just to be sure. You
can never tell when mains power will fail.

Copyright 1990 by
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
(503) 683-6033 (voice)

All rights reserved.

NOTICE: This product is supplied "as-is". No warranties of any
kind are given by Sydex, nor will Sydex be held liable for any
damage, either accidental or intentional, resulting from the use
of this or any other program.

Sydex hereby grants license to freely reproduce and redistribute
this program, provided that no fee is charged for the program. A
small fee, not to exceed $10 may be charged to cover the costs of
reproduction and distribution of this program. This program and
its documentation may not be altered or modified in any way.

Any other use or application of SEEJUNK or its documentation con-
stitutes a violation of copyright and may be subject to criminal
and/or civil prosecution.

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