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Recent edition of directory classic. Many options.
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Recent edition of directory classic. Many options.
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Contents of the SDIR26.DOC file

SDIR26 [d:][path][filename[.ext]] [options]
[filespec] same as for DIR command

[options] Each option must be preceeded with a slash.
* /A - List hidden files.
* /C - Clear screen.
* /P - Pause when screen full.
/X - Sort by extension.
/S - Sort by size.
/D - Sort by date/time.
/N - Do not sort, original order.
* /W - Write output to the printer.
Do not have Shift PrtSc on.
You do not have to enter /W if entering
either /I or /T. All write commands restore
the printer to non line compression mode.
All write commands disables Pause.
* /I - No line compression to printer.
* /T - Switch printer to non-compressed character
mode after printing.
{/2 - Two columns on the screen.
*{/4 - Four columns on the screen.
{/6 - Six columns on the screen.

Default = current drive and path *.*,
sorted into 4 columns,
by name.ext,
without screen erase.

* - Option may be combined with other options.

Example -- SDIR26/6/W/X will print to the screen and printer
a six column directory sorted by extension.

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