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(S)orted (D)ir with (A)ttributes in colors. Scrollable using keypad. Microsoft C source code is included.
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(S)orted (D)ir with (A)ttributes in colors. Scrollable using keypad. Microsoft C source code is included.
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Contents of the SDA13.DOC file

SDA13.DOC 06-17-90 (S)orted (D)irectory by (A)ttributes

SDA is an alphabetical 4-up directory display for color monitors.
SDA is a public domain MS/PC DOS utility. MS C source is provided.
The required asm routine PUTSTR.OBJ is provided. SDA currently has
a 718 filename selected maximum. This should be enough for nearly
all directories and record selection masks. If the selected files
total more than 718, a warning message is displayed.

Usage: SDA [file-selection-mask] ...just like DIR

Example: SDA C:\WP51\WPDOC
or: SDA C:\WP51\WPDOC\*.* ...all files in that directory

Example: SDA C:\WP51\WPDOC\*.WP4 ...only the .WP4 files

Unlike most directory displays, SDA allows you to scroll forward
or backward. SDA uses white color to identify read-only files, hidden
and system files are gray, and those chaged since the last backup
are yellow(for caution). directory names are in red. Read-
write files which have not changed since the last backup are green.

SDA uses the following order of precedence to determine each dir-
ectory entry color:

Attribute Color Comment
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Subdirectory Red First level subdirectories

Hidden and/or System Gray Regardless of R/O or ARC

Read-only regardless of Archive White No Hidden, System, or R/W

Archive ON and Read-write Yellow These files have changed
since last 'backup'.

Archive OFF and Read-write Green These have not changed
since last 'backup'.

Hint: this order of precedence is the left-to-right order of the color
key display of the totals line each time SDA is run. Viewing that
display from left to right, as soon as a condition is met, the
color is set regardless of attribute conditions to the right of it.
For example, a hidden or system file is gray no matter what the
read-only or archive flags are. Another example, if a file is not
system or hidden, but is read-only, it will be white no matter what
the archive flag setting.

SDA displays 96 filenames and sizes at a time. The keypad keys can be
used to scroll in four directions. You may move "down" in the display
by pressing the down arrow, the right arrow, or PgDn.

If fewer than 92 filenames are retreived, the totals line will appear
just below the filenames, and you will be returned to the DOS prompt.
If more than 92 filenames are retreived, the totals line will appear
and remain on line 25. You may scroll forward and backward. Then
press Escape to exit.


SDA is a public domain program originally written by Bob Montgomery,
and called NSD10A. SDA has an additional attribute/color, a minor
bug fix, and will handle 718 filenames selected rather than 500.
SDA has been tested under PC DOS 3.3, and 4.0 with 320 mb hard drives
both on and off network use. It seems to work fine.

PUTSTR.A86 assembler routine is required by SDA. You should not
need to change this. Just be sure to link PUTSTR.OBJ to SDA as
shown below.


SDA will compile with Microsoft C version 5.10 as follows:

Rem CLSDA.BAT 06-17-90 Compile & link SDA13.C

Rem the /Zp packs the structures
cl SDA13.c /Zp /c
If errorlevel 1 Echo Error in %0. Link step NOT DONE.
If errorlevel 1 GOTO @FINIS

Rem DO NOT pack if using stack option...
Link /STACK:8192 sda13+putstr.obj;



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