Dec 292017
EMS version of Scout memory resident file manager v4.5.
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EMS version of Scout memory resident file manager v4.5.
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BBSINFO.TXT 2091 893 deflated
CONFIG.COM 28872 16306 deflated
QUICK.RUN 1524 538 deflated
REMOVE.COM 124 97 deflated
RUNFILE.COM 3470 2761 deflated
RUNSCOUT.COM 5302 1158 deflated
SCOUT-EM.000 125952 53157 deflated
SCOUT-EM.COM 44898 26744 deflated
SCOUT.DOC 88028 24243 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 1266 524 deflated
WHAT’S.NEW 688 372 deflated

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Contents of the BBSINFO.TXT file


New-Ware operates a mult-line full time Bulletin Board System
(BBS) in order to provide product support and product upgrade
service. The BBS is a Wildcat 2.15p system with a wide array of
file transfers available. The current lines are:

Node #1 - (619) 450-3257 - Registered users only
Node #2 - (619) 455-5226 - 1200/2400

File transfer protocols available are:


* Protocols available to MNP capable modems only.

Node #1 is dedicated to registered users of New-Ware products.

Any New-Ware Shareware product may be registered on-line with a
valid Visa or MasterCard by calling node #2. Select [R]egister
from the main menu, and fill out the presented registration
questionairre form. Access to the registered version file(s) on
the BBS and to node #1 is normally granted within one day of
completion of the registration form.

Users who register by mail or telephone may also be granted
access to registered files and node #1 by calling node #2
and leaving the Sysop a message requesting access. This
MUST be done prior to gaining access to registered files and
to node #1 in the case of mail and voice telephone orders.

A disk (normally 5 1/4" 360K) containing the latest registered
version of the product is sent to ALL users who register. Those
preferring a 3 1/2" 720K disk should so indicate at the time of

Copyright 1990, all rights reserved by New-Ware
8050 Camino Kiosco
San Diego, CA 92122-1820

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