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Finds/deletes standalone files which are also ARC/PAK/LZH/ZIP'ed.
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Finds/deletes standalone files which are also ARC/PAK/LZH/ZIP’ed.
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Contents of the SCRUBIT.DOC file

Scrubit.C - Version 1.1 - 09/10/89
Copyright (C) 1989 FreeLance Programming. All rights reserved

Scrubit is a utility to delete files which also exist in archives

Usage: Scrubit [-d] [-v] archive1[.ext] ... [archive9[.ext]]

-d : Retain full path info when processing .zip and .lzh members
-v : View results only; do not actually delete any files

archive1 thru archive9 specify the archive files to process. The name(s)
may include wildcards, and if no extension is given, Scrubit will search
for .ARC, .LZH, .PAK, and .ZIP extensions automatically. Archive files
need not be in the same directory that is being scrubbed (ie., the current
directory); the archive specifiers may contain complete drive/dir info.


Each specified archive file is searched for a list of its members. A
search is then made in the current directory for files with the same name.
For each match, the date, time, and size(s) are compared against the archive
member, and if they are identical, the file is deleted.

When using the -d switch, any archive members that contain path info
are looked for in the subdir specified by the stored pathname (qualified
from the current directory). Any subdirs that wind up having all their
members deleted are automatically removed. If not using the -d switch,
archive members with path info are looked for in the current dir only.


The "not deleted"/"would not be deleted" displays indicate files which
have the same name as a member of the archive file currently being processed,
but which have different dates, times, and/or sizes.

The "error deleting file" message indicates that there was an error in
trying to physically delete the file. The file may or may not actually have
been deleted (probably *not*). Scrubit will remove any special attributes
(Hidden, System, Read-Only) from files before attempting to delete them.

Scrubit is user-supported software. As such, it may be freely distributed,
and used on a trial basis without restriction. Anyone who uses this program
on any other basis is required to register it by sending $5 to:

FreeLance Programming
Post Office Box 726
Washington, DC 20044-0726


Revision history:

1.0 - 09/10/89 - Initial release

1.1 - 09/10/89 - Fixed a problem with the program not handling members
of .PAK files that had been "Crushed" or "Distilled".
Also made some minor formatting changes.

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