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Scan COM & EXE files for text.
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Scan COM & EXE files for text.
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Contents of the SCAN.DOC file

[Author: Doug Dillmann, Grapevine Tx]

o SCAN is a BAT (2.0) command file to front-end for a string search
program FINDS.EXE (in C). SCAN is used to accept wild card input
describing the group of files (up to ten) to be scanned.

o FINDS.EXE needs two or three inputs which SCAN prepares for it:

- file to open for reading.
- first string to be searched for...
- second string to be searched for....

FINDS will display lines containing string 1 or string 2 and
the line number where either string was located.

NOTE: String inputs and lines being examined are considered in
an uppercase format (and will be displayed likewise).

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