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Rock Utilities v1.15 with shell program (part 2 of 2 files).
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Rock Utilities v1.15 with shell program (part 2 of 2 files).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
4DOSDIR.BAT 583 344 deflated
BATCH.HLP 5133 1933 deflated
COLORRIR.BAT 244 171 deflated
COLORS.RIR 395 220 deflated
DOSHELP.BAT 12 12 stored
FINDFILE.BAT 456 263 deflated
INT.HLP 11980 3898 deflated
JUSTFILS.BAT 652 347 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1973 516 deflated
RCAL.EXE 21392 13186 deflated
RCALC.EXE 34368 21137 deflated
RCLOCK.EXE 25440 15502 deflated
RDI.EXE 37040 19172 deflated
RDK.EXE 15840 9538 deflated
RDL.EXE 23280 13301 deflated
README.1ST 3570 1722 deflated
RECENT10.BAT 824 419 deflated
RF.EXE 13184 8008 deflated
RFA.EXE 20288 11764 deflated
RFF.EXE 29136 15578 deflated
RKR.EXE 11664 7706 deflated
RKS.EXE 11648 7396 deflated
ROCK.DOC 221077 59371 deflated
RRB.EXE 5856 4029 deflated
RRE.EXE 19296 10500 deflated
RSC.EXE 22592 12544 deflated
RSV.EXE 28384 16016 deflated
RTF.EXE 19440 10463 deflated
RTM.EXE 11928 11477 deflated
RTS.EXE 22256 12188 deflated
RWAIT.EXE 26272 15171 deflated
RWC.EXE 25280 14317 deflated
RYPE.EXE 26016 14563 deflated
RZF.EXE 19728 11489 deflated
RZFS.EXE 22704 14078 deflated

Download File ROCK2OF2.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

This file is a quick intro to the Rock Utilities. If you downloaded only
some of the files, you can run them without the entire collection. You may
wish to print this file as a quick reference to what programs are available.

To begin using the utilities, it's recommended that you use the Rock
Initiator - this shell program will provide a screen of information on each
of the rock utilities, including their basic syntax. If you wish to run the
utilities from the command-line, remember that running the program followed
by a ? will give you all syntactical information on how to use the program.
The reference manual, ROCK.DOC, gives a detailed description of each of
the utilities, including its purpose, uses, syntax, examples, and additional
notes of interest. Register today for a nicely bound laser-printed copy!

When installation is complete, you'll have the following files:

ROCK.DOC Documentation for the Rock Utilities
ORDER.FRM Registration form for the Rock Utilities
ROCKUTLS.RI Data file for use with Rock Initiator (RI)
Other miscellaneous data and batch files.

The Utilities (all .EXE files):

1 MOVE Rock's File Mover - Quickly move files from directory to directory.
2 RAC Rock Area Coder - Gives area codes & time zones for North America.
3 RCAL Rock Calendar - Gives any month's calendar; what day wuzya born on?
4 RCALC Rock Calculator - Command-line driven scientific calculator.
5 RCLOCK Rock Clock - Large font digital clock, optionally memory-resident.
6 RDI Rock Disk Info - Show info on all a system's disk drives.
7 RDK Rock Directory Killer - Erase dirs w/all subdirs & files; CAREFUL!
8 RDL Rock Directory Last - Show most recent files, or oldest files.
9 RF Rock Filter - Filters a text file's CRs & LFs; good for PC to Mac.
10 RFA Rock File Attribs - Write-protect or hide files/dirs.
11 RFF Rock File Finder - Finds files across hard disk; manymany options!
12 RI Rock Initiator - Shell program for all utils w/contextual help.
13 RIR Rock Directory - Like DIR but shows contents of compressed files.
14 RKS Rock Key Status - Show/set caps, num, scrl lock; good in autoexec!
15 RKR Rock Keyboard Rate - Adjust keyboard repeat rate, faster or slower.
16 RPV Rock Preview - Mini graphic pict of text file shows how it'll print.
17 RRB Rock Reboot - Reboot your computer from command-line or batch file.
18 RRE Rock Run-time Error - Decodes numeric run-time errors, makes tables.
19 RSC Rock Screen Colors - Change colors in your DOS screen.
20 RSI Rock System Interrogator - Provides detailed info on system config.
21 RSV Rock Sector Viewer - Browse through an entire disk's contents.
22 RTF Rock Text Font - Outputs BIG letters with text-graphics characters.
23 RTM Rock Timer Marker - Control 4 timers to time programs & activities.
24 RTS Rock Text Search - Finds text in files, displays finds in context.
25 RVM Rock Video Mode - Set video mode; can do 43/50 lines on EGA/VGA.
26 RVT Rock Visual Tree - Show tree of dir structure w/file & byte counts.
27 RWAIT Rock Wait - Batch file enhancer, add delays, boxed messages, more!
28 RWC Rock Word Count - Stats on chars, words, lines, etc. in text files.
29 RYPE Rock tYPE - Subsitute for DOS's TYPE command, allows scrollback.
30 RZF Rock Zero File - Completely erase any trace of a file.
31 RZFS Rock Zero Free Space - Zero the unused space on a disk.

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