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RNDC.COM - Chris Barker 8/2/88

Anyone with comments or suggestions
concerning RNDC.COM can leave a message
on either The Herndon Byte Exchange
(301-471-8010) or The RFS BBS (301-

All the usual disclaimers apply.


The accompanying files in this archive are two disk
organization utilities that will hopefully make light
work of the day to day file manipulations every computer
user faces.

Neither of these utilities are of my creation but the work
of PC Magazine editors and independently -- Peter Esherick.
My small contribution is to very slightly modify the RN.COM
utility so that it now calls Mr. Esherick's DC.COM instead
of the original DR.COM. I have renamed the utility
RNDC.COM to differentiate it from the original RN.COM.
Besides these modifications, RNDC is the functional
equivalent of RN.COM.

I have long been impressed by the useful utilities that PC
Magazine provides on a bi-weekly basis. I have made
modifications to some of their other utilites so that they
would more closely meet my needs. Since I had been using
the trio of RN.COM, CO.COM, and DR.COM on a regular basis,
I had often thought of some enhancements that might improve
these already very useful utilities. The most obvious was
combining the attributes (as in likeness, not file or
video) of CO and DR into one super utility. Well, I have no
monopoly on ideas and Mr. Esherick has created just the item
that I had imagined.

For those of you not already familiar with RN.COM, I have
retyped the original description (substituting RNDC for

Purpose: Simplifies, creating, removing, renaming,
hiding, unhiding, and changing to
directories. Also sets/resets the
read-only and archive bits of all files
within a directory, and reports filecount
and space allocated. Allows immediate
call-up of DC.COM for handling individual

Format: RNDC [d:] [/I]

Remarks: RNDC can be entered either as an immediate
command at the DOS prompt, or it can be
installed on a hard disk (using the /I
option) with a memory-resident database of
directory information that speeds up its
subsequent operations. If no drive (d:) is
specified, the current drive is assumed.

If installed, RNDC should be loaded before
SIDEKICK and any other unistallable
memory-resident programs. (RNDC cannot be
deinstalled without rebooting.) The
program requires 128K RAM operating room;
the database, if used, occupies
approximately 14K. RNDC cannot be installed
up from within an application with a "hot
key"; it can be accessed only from the DOS
prompt. Pressing ESC terminates RNDC's

When issued, RNDC.COM brings up an
alphabetized directory tree with the
current listing highlighted and a menu
listing the function keys used for its
various directory services. The directory
highlight bar is moved one entry at a time
by the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys, and
larger increments by the Ctrl-PgUp and
Ctrl-PgDn, PgUp and PgDn, and Home and End
keys. The highlight bar should be placed
on the directory to be affected by the
subsequent function key.

When renaming(F2) and creating(F3)
directories, do not enter the backslash(\)
character but include it in figuring the
maximum path lenght(63 characters).
RmDir(F4), if you confirm at its warning
prompt, deletes all files within the
directory (unless they are marked
read-only) before removing it.
Hide/Unhide(F5) affects the directory name
only, not the individual files. F6 and F7
(mark/unmark as read-only and set/reset
the archive bit ) toggle these bits on all
files within the directory. F8 updates the
directory database if changes are made
outside RNDC, and F9 gives a file count
together with the space allocated to a
directory's files. F10 calls DC.COM


F2(Rename Directory) requires DOS


Tech Notes: I recompiled RNDC using the excellent A86
shareware compiler. Only a dozen minor
modifications were necessary to make this
MASM program compile with A86. I am a
complete beginner to assembly language so I
did not attempt to enhance the program
beyond the inclusion of DC.COM.

Please read DC.DOC for details on its operation.


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