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Rename, Move, or Combine SubDirectories or files contained in them.
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Rename, Move, or Combine SubDirectories or files contained in them.
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REND utility program v.1.1 1 of 2
copyright (c) David Perrell, 1989

REND was designed to provide DOS directory manipulation not
possible using RENname and COPY commands. REND allows you to:

o Move files and subdirectories anywhere on the
(drastically reduce disk fragmentation)
o Merge two subdirectories into one
o Rename subdirectories

REND is invoked with command line arguments for source and
destination. The first argument is a subdirectory path, with or
without a filename. Wildcards are accepted for files only. The
second argument must be a pathname only. If the second argument is
omitted, REND assumes it is the default directory, either on the
default drive or on the drive given in the first argument. Drive
indicators may be used, but both source and destination must be on
the same drive. Any path recognized by the DOS directory command
is acceptable. You may refer to the root directory with a single
backslash. Entering REND with no arguments gives a description of
its usage.

To move files, enter:


The file is moved to a different subdirectory without copying and
deleting. If the file already exists in the destination path, REND
aborts with a warning that the source file was not moved. Since
REND doesn't physically move a file's contents, it can't overwrite
an existing file. If the target subdirectory ("DESTDIR" above)
doesn't exist, REND creates it.

Move multiple files using wildcards. To move all files from one
subdirectory into one of its children, for example, enter:


To move or merge entire subdirectories, including all child
subdirectories as well as all files, enter:


If the destination subdirectory exists, you will be given the
option of aborting the move or merging the source subdirectory
with the destination. If you choose to merge and REND finds
duplicate filenames in the source and destination, the same-name
files won't be moved. The source subdirectory containing those
files will still exist. REND will alert you if this happens and
give you a list and count of dupe file-names. Rename those files
and re-run REND to complete the merge.

To rename a subdirectory, enter:


With DOS 2.x, there's no difference between renaming and
moving a subdirectory, they will take the same amount of time.
The rename is immediate with DOS 3.0 and above.

REND utility program v.1.1 2 of 2

REND is compatible with PC-DOS/MS-DOS Version 2.0 and above
and uses only documented DOS functions to do its work.

------------------------- IMPORTANT!!! ---------------------------
REND moves files with any attribute except volume label. Take care
not to REND COMMAND.COM or the hidden system files out of the root
directory of your boot disk. (The hidden files are named MSDOS.SYS
accidently REND them out, be sure to REND them back!)

Use restrictions:

1. REND v.1.1 may be used free of charge for personal, private use.

2. REND v.1.1 may be freely distributed provided such distribution
is free of charge, the program is unmodified in any way,
and this documentation is included.

3. Commercial use of REND requires a site license.

4. Bundling of REND with other goods or services requires
a marketing license.

I can provide custom versions of REND to interface with, or be
incorporated into, other applications. I intend to expand REND's
capability to allow moving/copying entire directory structures
between different drives.

I hope REND proves valuable to you. I welcome your comments and
David Perrell
Hearn/Perrell Art Assoc.
1544 6th Street #203
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Compuserve#: 71170,1701

Ashton-Tate BBS: "deeper" (213-538-6196, 1200-N-1)
(213-324-2188, 2400-N-1)

For a diskette containing the latest version of REND, along with
AUTOPARK, an automatic fixed disk head parking program with
adjustable delay (even after being installed) that supports up to
8 logical drives, and WAITFOR, a batch file utility that returns
keystrokes, beeps the beeper, and allows unattended running of
programs at preset dates/times/intervals, please send $10 to
the above address.

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