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REDATE -- file redating utility

For those who distribute diskettes, having all the files bear
the same date has aesthetic as well as functional gains.
Others just like having all the files on a diskette show the
same date, say the date a diskette was prepared.

When you copy a file onto a new disk, it retains the old
file's date. Unless you somehow update it, (by an editor
or debugger,) that date -- the original file's date -- will
appear on all copies.

The DOS manual describes a rather convoluted way of using
copy command to, in effect, copy a file onto itself. This
can be rather tedious if an entire diskette must be redated,
even if such a method as the FOR batch command is used -- it
does indeed redate the file, but to the date and time that
the individual file was processed. On a diskette with about
fifty files, this can be spread over a three minute range.

This command allows you to redate a file, a fileset, or
several files, to the current date and time, allowing you
to indicate the date of the copy as opposed to the date
of the original.

REDATE also has an option to totally remove the date and time
from a file, so that when a directory is perused, that file
stands out.

Files you should have:

REDATE.COM -- the redating command file
REDATE.HLP -- a help file to include with you help system
REDATE.DOC -- this document



You may copy this program freely, and distribute it to your
friends and associates. Please, however, do not alter it,
or sell it without written permission from me.

If you find this program useful, I encourage you to send
a check of $25.00 (or whatever you feel the program is worth)
Thomas Tuerke
441 San Carlos Way
Novato, CA, 94947

All contributions are graciously accepted. They will go to
funding other similar projects, as well as helping to defray
the cost incurred by attending the University of California,
Davis. (A likely story, I know, but true; I'm trying to earn
my money -- not pension for it from taxpayer's money)

Similarly, if you have suggestions or comments, or would like
a copy of the source (it's in assembler,) please send a stamped,
self addressed envelope to the above address.

Thank you.

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