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Quick Scan file DOC viewer. Simple ASCII file lister.
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Quick Scan file DOC viewer. Simple ASCII file lister.
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Contents of the QS.DOC file

Welcome to QuickScan!
Copyright(C) 1987

There are many textfiles such as this one that are very
hard to read using the TYPE command. Because of the increased
number of textfiles around, I decided to aid you in reading
them. QuickScan was developed. It is designed for reading plain
ASCII text files which come with many commercial and PD
software(the infamous README.DOC is a good example).
This program was designed to replace the TYPE command
because it is unable to stop at the end of a page. It turned
into a program with some nice features. It is written in C and
I would especially like to thank Ralph Mace for all his effort
in helping me with the code.

Before going into the program itself, here are a few
guidelines that you must follow:

1)You are free to copy this program and distribute it to
anyone. You may not alter it in any form.
2)You may use this program for 30 days free of charge. This
program is SHAREWARE. That means that if the end of 30 days, you
find this program useful, you must register it. If you do not
want to use the program, then simply delete it. Once you have
registered, you will NOT have to register for ANY of the updates
that are made.
3)The fee to register is $8. For $10, I will send you a
copy of the most recent version of QuickScan.ONCE YOU HAVE
REGISTERED ,you can receive a copy of an update by
sending $3 to me or Downloading it off one of the many BBS'S in
your area . Also, for $12 I will send you a copy of the source
code. Please be sure to include your address.

To Register, send your money to:

Darin Epstein
18 Edison Ave
Providence RI,02906

4)As an incentive, if you can convince someone else to
register, tell them to mention YOUR name when they do so. For
every 2 people that register and who mention YOUR name, I will send
YOU $4. If you can get 5 people to register, you will receive
$20 AND a free update.

Anyway, now that I got that out of the way, let's get on to the
program itself.
To run QuickScan, all you have to type it QS and the
filename. So for example, if you want to read EXAMPLE.DOC, you
would type at the DOS prompt:

QS Example.doc

Isn't that easy? Also, if you want to skip lines in the
textfile, add an 's' after the filename. Skipping lines will
make it easier to read for those with bad eyes. It would look like this:

QS Example.doc S

You will be able to skip 1,2 or 3 lines depending on which
you prefer. After that, the program will try to find the
requested file. If there is no EXAMPLE.DOC(for example) you will
get this error:
Error has occured.Can't open specified file.
If this happens, check for correct spelling and make sure
the file exists before trying again.Next it will begin
displaying the file on the screen. It will stop at the end of
the page and ask you to 'Press a Key to Continue'. Here you have
several options. The prompt will look like this:

p uit Any key to continue(O for options) 1/9

1/9 means that you are on page 1, and 9 means there are 9 pages total.
If you press U, it will go back to the previous page(if case you
missed something). Q, of course will allow you to exit the
program.(why would you want to do that!?). Pressing O will allow
you to use the main menu. Any other key will go to the next page
in the file.

Pressing O at the prompt will get you to this menu:

1 Goto another page
2 print file using PRINT.COM
3 print using TYPE command
4 go back to editing
5 exit

Option 1: This option allow you to 'skip' to any page in the
document. You simply enter the page you want to go to and
PRESTO, you go there. This is a very useful feature. Imagine you
were looking at a 300 page file. Using the DOS TYPE command, you
would have to go through the pages 1 by 1. With QuickScan you
can go right to page 299 if you so desire.

Option 2: This prints out the file using a program called will print out the file and QS will end
there. This option is not very good because of the nature of However, it is there for those that like it.NOTE:Make
sure is on your disk before using this option.

Option 3:This allows you to print out the file using the DOS
Type command.This is a better alternative to Option 2.
QuickScan will ask you whether you want to print
to COM1,Com2, LPT1,Lpt2. Check you printer instructions for more
advice on that. NOTE:Have your printer ON before using commands
2 and 3.

Option 4:This simply goes back to editing

Option 5:This leaves QuickScan

Well, that looks like it is about it. There really isn't that
much more to tell you. Well one thing maybe. I have some
upcoming features that I am working on to add to QuickScan:

1)I want to make it Memory resident
2)You will soon be able to print out only selected pages
3)QuickScan will soon be MUCH faster
4)Search for a word(or phrase)

Register now before the price increases!
Any suggestions are welcome. Please send them and I will
mention your name if I decide to use them. I encourage you to
register and help a beginning C Programmer. Thanks. My address
again is:

Darin Epstein
18 Edison Ave
Providence RI,02906

PLEASE! Help Support the SHAREWARE concept and register!

Hope to hear from you soon,

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