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Q-Filer Utility programs that will enhance the use of the Q-Filer directory ick command.
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Q-Filer Utility programs that will enhance the use of the Q-Filer directory

ick command.

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Contents of the QFUTIL.DOC file


The utilities enclosed in this ZIP file are supplied to enhance the utility
of Kenn Flee's Quick-Filer program (more commonly known as Q-Filer). The
current version of Q-Filer supports a DOS directory tree

ick command,
but it is not unusual for the Q-Filer

ick file, \QFPATH.FIL, to become
out-of-synch with the actual disk structure if directories are made or
removed at the DOS command line. Also, when Q-Filer makes/removes a
directory, it also deletes \QFPATH.FIL and therefore that file must be
rebuilt when the

ick command is next executed.

The following utilities therefore help keep \QFPATH.FIL current, and possibly
minimize \QFPATH.FIL creation time, thus enhancing the utility of Q-Filer
as a DOS shell program.

The QFPATH.EXE program, supplied by Q-Filer author Kenn Flee, will rebuild
\QFPATH.FIL from the DOS command line (or batch files) without executing
Q-Filer itself. QFPATH takes one parameter -- the drive designator, as in
"C" or "C:", etc. If used in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, for example, the
following syntax will be helpful:


Of course, if you routinely change your directory structure from within
applications other than Q-Filer, then the conditional statements should
be removed, so that a current version of \QFPATH.FIL is always built.

The next two utilities, QFMD.COM and QFRD.COM, were written by me to solve
the problem of keeping \QFPATH.FIL "current" when changes to the directory
structure are made at the DOS command line. By substituting QFMD.COM and
QFRD.COM for MD/MKDIR/RD/RMDIR, respectively, \QFPATH.FIL will be deleted
from the correct drive whenever the directory structure is altered from
the DOS command line.

QFMD.COM and QFRD.COM may be substituted directly using the CED or PCED
programs, i.e. "syn MD C:\UTIL\QFMD", and will thus work automatically.

QFMD & QFRD will execute the appropriate directory command AND delete the
file \QFPATH.FIL from the CORRECT root directory, which is not necessarily
the default drive. [For example, if the command "MD E:\PATHNAME" is
executed from the D drive then the file E:\QFPATH.FIL will be deleted
if the "MD E:\PATHNAME" command is executed without error].

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