Dec 152017
Ken Flee's QFiler V3.2B HD file manager with Zip and Mouse support.
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Category File Managers
Ken Flee’s QFiler V3.2B HD file manager with Zip and Mouse support.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
OMBUDSMN.ASP 898 399 deflated
QF-FILES.DOC 586 310 deflated
QF-ICON.DOC 1284 570 deflated
QF-ORDER.DOC 4510 1290 deflated
QF.ICO 766 177 deflated
QF32-NEW.DOC 6550 2288 deflated
QFCFG.EXE 36784 16682 deflated
QFDELDIR.DOC 4508 1504 deflated
QFDELDIR.EXE 13942 8389 deflated
QFED.BAT 199 139 deflated
QFILER.EXE 149552 57360 deflated
QFIND.EXE 10868 7079 deflated
QFMANUAL.DOC 72227 19172 deflated

Download File QFIL32B.ZIP Here

Contents of the QF-FILES.DOC file

Files included in release 3.2B:

QFILER.EXE - QFILER version 3.2B.
QFMANUAL.DOC - QFILER documentation.
QF32-NEW.DOC - New features in version 3.2.
QFCFG.EXE - Configuration utility for QFILER 3.2 options.
QF-ORDER.DOC - QFILER registration form.
QFIND.EXE - "File Find" utility used by QFILER.
QFDELDIR.EXE - "Delete Directory" utility used by QFILER.
QFDELDIR.DOC - QFDELDIR documentation.
QF.ICO - QFILER icon for Windows.
QF-ICON.DOC - Icon documentaton.
QFED.BAT - Sample batch file for user's text editor.
OMBUDSMN.ASP - ASP ombudsman statement.

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