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History of QUIKCOPY

- v1.00 Private release.
Uses conventional, EMS and XMS memory. Can only copy one file per
pass. Quick with large files.
- v1.01 Private release.
Corrected error with multiplication for XMS memory.
- v2.00 Public release.
First official public release.
Maximal usage of available memory. Multiple files copied per pass.
Ability to copy subdirectories. Ability to move files.
- v2.10 Public release.
Added more information to the documentation. QUIKCOPY now has more
support for write-protected media (CD-Rom, etc.).
- v2.20 Public release.
Corrected error with XMS memory when running under MS-Windows in
386 Enhanced mode and under DESQview/X. (Note, running Real or
Standard mode MS-Windows did not cause the error.) This error
occurred due to the two operating systems providing XMS as both
real and/or virtual memory, and reporting this memory as available
XMS memory, when it wasn't!
Improved checks so that one does not attempt to write one or more
more files over themselves.
QUIKCOPY is now more MS-Windows and DESQview "friendly".
Improved file-moves when moving files around same drive.
- v2.21 Public release.
Minor bug-fixes.
Corrected loss of functionality introduced with new file-mover of
Ensure that zero-length files are not left behind when destination
becomes full.
Corrected error where question to continue copying would
continually be displayed if user had cancelled process once, and
opted to continue.
- v3.00 Public release.
Introduction of diskette-copying ability, to and/or from both
diskettes and image-files.
Corrected bug which treated certain subdirectories as files when
moving files and their subdirectories.
- v3.01 Public release.
Minor bug-fixes.
Regained performance lost with file-copying - related to flushing
of write-back caches.
Partial image-files are deleted.
Detection of empty drives when copying files.
Now reports error when illegal drives (e.g. NUL:) are specified.
- v3.02 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Corrected problem with diskette-media settings when copying 720K
diskette in 1.44M drive.
- v3.03 Private (intermediate) release.
Improved diskette-media setting.
Added ability to copy any attribute file or subdirectory.
Added ability to copy all subdirectories, including empty ones.
- v3.10 Public release.
Public release of features introduced with v3.03.
Added ability to ignore read and write errors when copying bad
- v3.11 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Corrected problem with QUIKCOPY apparently hanging sometimes when
copying subdirectories.
- v3.12 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Corrected problem with "too long" paths.
Improved check on validity of source and destination.
- v3.13 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Fixed problem with validity check of source and destination of
- v3.20 Public release.
Introduction of "lock destination directory" feature, when copying
Introduction of delay feature to slow down QUIKCOPY, when desired.
- v3.21 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Fixed problem with root-directories when referenced as "..".
- v3.22 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Fixed problem that arose if error occurred when copying last file
in a batch of files.
- v3.30 Public release.
Introduction of diskette maximal filling.
- v3.31 Public release.
Cosmetic release.
More user-friendly more-prompt.
Improved maximal-fill algorithm.
- v3.32 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Fixed calculation error in maximal-fill algorithm.
Cursor turned off during copying.
Support for DOS 3.20 to 3.XX added, and DR DOS.
- v3.33 Public release.
Maintenance release.
Added support for SmartDrive v4.00+.
Added cache flushing when filling diskettes.
- v3.34 Public release.
Bug-fix release.
Fixed non-flushing problem with HYPERDISK.
- v3.40 Public release.
Introduction of direct access diskette copying.
Introduction of overwrite checking.
Introduction of prompting before copying files.
Introduction of truly-wild wild-cards.
Added support for subdirectories when filling diskettes.
Splitting of large files when filling diskettes.
Diskette wiping supported when filling diskettes.
File copying and moving much faster.
Diskette copying faster.
Added beeps and bells.
Improved video output; less flicker under multitaskers.
Shelling to DOS during diskette filling, batch diskette copying
and large file reconstruction.
Removed problem with DMA overrun when copying diskettes.
Fixed bug with SMARTDRIVE that made cache go into write-delay
Other minor errors removed.

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